Oh Allah (SWT) We Need You

How can I just walk by

How can I just ignore the pain I see

Is this what society wants, has taught

For me to see a human being in pain, without a home without support

I am to walk by and forget it
Where have we gone wrong, where are the versus that we are taught 

Why don’t they jump to our minds

Why don’t they make us stop

To give charity, to give a smile, to give support
Oh Allah (SWT) we say we practice and follow

Oh Allah (SWT) we say we understand your word

In truth we hide and forget it in order to live our  busy lives
I cry of shame, I cry of hopelessness

I am but a whisper, a small helping hand

Oh Allah (SWT) enlighten us, let us see your splendor your majestical guidance

Oh Allah (SWT) Help you creations to live in harmony and to help each other as your word has been written

My Freelance Writing “Career” update

I have good news, I submitted another article and it got accepted!! So since I started I have now 3 articles that I have submitted and all 3 have been accepted. I know I should be submitting more but truthfully they have still not changed my rating’s so most articles are on subjects I have NO CLUE on how to start.

I have passed on a few articles that I was very interested but I am still second guessing myself. I know that my spelling, grammar is not at the level that I want it to be. I know it is better then when I first started on here. I take my time and after I am done I usually review my piece to see if it “flows”. With these paid articles once I hit the submit button I can not go back and rewrite it.

I have some books from college from my english classes. I am starting to read them slowly and hopefully that will help me with my spelling and grammar. If any of you have any suggestions of books that might help me better my writing skills I am ALL EARS.

To help me gain more confidence in submitting articles regarding review movies, products, etc… I will be posting a bit more reviews of shows, apps, products that I use. I know this is a blog of creative writing but I’m sure trying to do an article that reviews a product WITHOUT your opinion is HARD. The few reviews that I have posted on here have my opinion and emotions.

The type of clients that want these reviews what an unbiased article with only factual information. So for the ones out there that do those type of writing, or if you have any suggestions on the post in needing improvement. PLEASE let me know.

Slowly I want to go and do more articles, Hubby my mom and my hubbies best friend are pushing me to try and get an actual “writing” job… I don’t think I can do that since I A. Do not have any type of EDUCATIONAL background and B I have NO EXPERIENCE other then this blog and the freelance work I have done.

Plus I don’t know how I would make a resume stating that??? I mean I imagine to be a writer in any industry you will need some type of published paid work that you can use as reference. I don’t know if the pieces I do for freelance counts. Basically when I sign up I agree that I am “selling” my piece to the client so I don’t have any “rights”. the client most likely will not credit me when they use the piece….

If any one has any type of thoughts,, suggestions or advice please comment below or email me at lkhanfictionwriter  gmail.com

Until Next Time,


My First Freelance Writing Article!

Remember that a while back I mentioned how I signed up on a freelance writing website. For the past two weeks I have been messaging them because they needed to verify that I can legally work, and if it was really me.

I actually like that because I know that my privacy and work will be protected. They finally finished the verification and I finally got an email today that they were going to check my sample writing that I submitted.

Of course I do know that I am not the best writer. I am okay but I need a lot of improvement. Well they rate from 1 star (poor) up too a 5 star (good), guess where I landed…. I’m not proud but I will be honest.. I landed on the 3 star… So I definitely need improvement.

The reason they put me at 3 star is because I didn’t put a comma when talking about two independent clauses with a coordinating conjunction. So words that I have to look up now because frankly I do not know what they mean.

The good part and I will take it as a good part is that at least that was the only mistake in my sample!! Also, when someone shows you a mistake then it is way easier to correct.

Looking through the ads (jobs) to sign up for, I can only sign up if they are rated a 3 star. To my disappointment there are not a lot of 3 star opportunities. The ones that I did see were about games and I don’t play games! So that sucked.. I did find one about shopping.

About a product that a company is trying to sell. So it was a small 200 word count sample that I had to write. I’m so nervous because this is my FIRST freelance writing job that I submitted for!! I re-read that article about 4 times before hitting that submit button.

So now the client has 3 days to reject or accept my writing sample. After 3 days if the client has done neither then it is automatically accepted and I will get paid.. Now its not like I am making money here but a few bucks is a few bucks right?

So wish me luck and hope that the client accepts my writing sample!

Until Next Time,