Organization… It can be Frusturating

Okay so who doesn’t like some organization at home… Hubby does! Really he doesn’t. That man will leave everything ( I do mean EVERYTHING ) everywhere. He is worse then my four year old nephew.

Well since you all know we are trying to have a baby. We are doing everything medically possible, of course right now we have a one bedroom apartment so we know we will have at least one year after the baby to move to a two bedroom.

Saying that I love keeping things in place. I guess thats another reason I like staying at home, it’s easier to keep your house clean. Having the baby around will mean that more clothes, furniture, etc around. We have both lived in a place that was extremely small but I made it work.

I have been looking at these apps and doing a lot of research on how to make your home more efficient and seem less crowded. So now that I have an idea from all of my two week research I have finally narrowed it down.

The first room I will tackle is the bedroom and the closet. Amazon has great deals and I know there are plenty of stores that have good deals. This app that we were watching last night about home organization mentioned a lot about the dollar tree and 99 cent store.

Tomorrow when I have the car I will do my best to go there and see if they have the type of bins and storage containers I want. Also zip lock bags help make things even more organized.

For now I am using my husband’s birchbox containers to store a few things in my bathroom drawer and for holding some cleaning supplies under the kitchen sink. I can’t wait until I am able to get things organized.

I might put pictures on here (before/after) and you can let me know if I did a good job or if I can make it even better.

Unitl Next Time,