Goodbye A Muslim Latina hello Hook and Sew by Liza!

Hello everyone,


I hope everyone is doing well. After careful thought I have decided to close my blog. It was a difficult decision but I am trying to get my business running and do marketing and I can’t do two blogs. I will keep this blog up for a couple of weeks.

So it is not a goodbye from wordpress, just a shift on blogs, from a personal one to a business one.

My new website will be about my business projects that I am currently working on. With links to my Etsy store, Facebook page and tibit’s on all things crocheting and sewing inspirations. I hope that you will follow me there and I look forward to bringing you not only pictures but videos of my handcrafted items.

I will post an introduction next week. Here is my new blog link though..



Hope to see you all there!


Welcome to my Personal life on Instagram

I am about to venture and open up even more. This is part of the changes I was talking about in previous post a few weeks ago. I love my privacy, I believe there are so many sick people out there that will take images of others and twist them to fit their needs.

I believe I have slowly been venturing to this path but I have been dreading it. I can say I am not 100% sure if I still want to do this but if you want change and you put yourself out there then you might as well doing it all the way. Slowly I have posted pictures of our travels but none with faces. My husband loves his privacy but lately if I post anything with him on it I get his permission first. 

Stating this I am not going to be flooding this blog with person pictures of us or my family. If you would like to “see” me and a bit more of my personal life I just opened up to the public my Instagram account. Sorry I did have a facebook but I just deactivated it and that was waay to personal…

So the name of my Instagram is Mrs.lyk and the name on my pictures or how you can “talk” to me on there is a_loving_wife
I welcome you to my life with open arms even though I fear this might bite me in the a@s afterward… Some things you just need to take the leap…

Until Next Time,

Liza Khan (yes finally this is my real name displayed here)

Snap Shot of My Life

So this is what I have been up to… A few pictures for show and tell.

First my husband took me to the Aquarium of the Pacific at Long Beach, CA. I loved it! Of course I have to say thank you to my sister and nephew. Why because my nephew volunteered there during the summer and my sister thought of us to give those tickets too. These little glow in the dark creatures lively the ocean bottom. I also was able to feed some birds they had their!’

Life in Darkness

Remeber the sewing machine my dad gave me? Well I have been using it and now it is not wanting to work right for the second time. I already sewed up one bag and I am almost finish with my second but it seems like I have a quirky machine. I think it just misses my dad so it gives me attitude so he’ll come and visit hmm…

Sewing maching

Yesterday I finally was able to color my hair with henna.. This is the first time that I have done coloring in my hair on my own. Usually I pay someone. I think it turn out okay… It’s not the red I wanted but in the sunlight you can tell, so for. Now I’m happy. The one benefit I also get is that I’m not harming my hair with chemicals and my hair comes out soft and shiny! So this will most likely be my way of coloring my hair, I just need to practice more to get it the right color.

Henna Dye

Say hello to my new little friend! I love this stuff! I put it on my hair heated it up for 30 minutes. My hair was soo soft and shiny!!’ I think with the combination of henna and this coconut oil my hair will be growing and be more healthy! The treatment for this is twice a week then as the hair gets softer and shiner reduce it to once a week then once a month…

Softer Hair

Of course with this heat I haven’t been feeling to well, my migraines are back and I haven’t been cooking or juicing as much. This week though I started walking with hubby then started my first juice today! I have to get back on it. I want to be healthy and if we want a family we both need to stay on the healthy wagon…

My writing is still going, I know I have not published a lot on here.. I will do my best to come on here.. I dropped my iPad a while ago (again) so when I try to use this app it closes on me. Right now I. Using the safari website but it’s a bit more complicated to use on a small screen… So please forgive me for not being in here that much.

I hope all of you are doing well and living life to the fullest!! I have one project I want to start soon but I’m not going to say it right now (I don’t want to jinx it).. Once I’m ready and have crossed all my T’s and dotted all of my i’s I’ll make sure I post it on here.

until Next time?


My Return to WordPress

I been gone for awhile, I know when I have been on is to post versus from the Quran. I haven’t forgotten about my wordpress world and I hope that it has not forgetten about me. I have been going through a roller coaster of emotions, life changes, and an unexpected vacation.

I can say that I am trying to get into new projects. I have been slowly sewing some grocery bags and I will start drawing down some ideas for home decor. So far my sewing is of course of a beginner but with more practice I’m sure I will get better at it. I will post some pictures of the finished product on here and you all can let me know what you think of it.

I am also looking forward to our anniversary in October ( just two months away!!), this iwill be our first official home away celebration. We are only taking 4 days but its better then the previous years of not being able to go anywhere. So Insha’Allah nothing unexpected comes up and we are able to go. I will be posting a lot of pictures of the places we will go. 

I will start catching up on my wordpress reading soon. Please forgive me for being absent for so long, I’m back and will do my best to start being a bit more present on here. I also have felt like I lost my “safe haven” on here since the incident a few months back. Talking to hubby we told me I shouldn’t let anyone stop me from expressing myself. If people get offended or if the use my words to their advantage without truly understanding or really pay attention to my writing, then they shouldn’t effect my writing at all. I agree with him but actually doing it is entirely different.

Until Next Time,


The Busy Bee!!

Hello everyone!! Good to be back! Well our mini-vacation went great!! Honey and me splurged saw friends and family and still had a little bit of “us” time that we really needed. 

We came back, but I have been busy running errands and getting some things done around the house and such. Sorry I have not posted anything recently.

I’m finding a new routine right now since I actually got a car!! Yes we were able to get the car his family promised us! I love it! Plus I feel really special because the car was the first car my honey bought when he started at his first job! So this car is truly special for me!! It’s name is Oliver!!! Yes hubby named it that’s how much he loves this car.

As of now we are still using Oliver because our other car needs to have its 60k service done and we need to get the sticker. Unfortunately the sticker was sent to our old address so now we have to walk in to DMV to get a duplicate…

ANYWHO…. I’ve been dealing with a bit of everything so it’s kept me busy. I am also getting ready for a small dinner with friends this weekend and then start my prep work for Ramadan..

Love you guys!! And I will get caught up on reading all of your amazing post soon!!!
Until Next Time

In Remembrance of the Fallen (Writing Silence May 22 – 26)

As you notice by the title I will not be on the internet these days. I hope that everyone has a safe and very enjoyable Memorial Day
You sign on the doted line

You agreed to be away from family

You knew you might not come home one day
Years have passed and we still remember

The ultimate sacrifice you paid

For us a nation to yell and say

We are Free, We are Free!
No amount of Thank You’s can bring you back

Your families will miss you even if you died for a great cause

You changed our lives and we can’t ever express

The Thank You’s of your sacrifice
So with these humbled words

I am one of a million that will say

Thank you for serving, for sacrifice

Because of you
Our bell still rings

Our freedom still exist

With many generations 

That will continue in your footsteps
Happy Memorial Day!!

Death, Rumors an Emotional ride

I have been gone for awhile now… My life lately has been a rollercoaster so I do apologise for this. 

My Uncle died a few weeks ago, he was my fathers brothers and he was dear to not only my dad but to my mother and sisters. He was the only one in my fathers side that lived with us for some years here in the United States. He always showed us love and accepted not only us but my mother into the family. He didn’t care about my mothers social or financial background as the rest of the family. He always said that he wished the rest of his sister – in – laws and his sisters would be like my mother. A good woman that knows how to love, be a wife and mother. He will be missed, he is my fathers “twin”, they aren’t twins but the do look very similiar and their personalities are extremely similiar.

Now that he has passed away the family are saying and starting to spread rumors about what he “said” about my father, mother and us. It is effecting my father a bit but as I told him. His family has always lied, they always spread rumors about him even his own mother, so why would he believe these rumors now. I told him that we should and will remember our uncle by how he treated us and the love he showe us NOT by what the rest of his family are spreading. 

Unfortunately there are people out there that are so ready to shine a black shadow on someone once they are dead and can’t defend themselves, why don’t they do that when they are alive and can defend themselves. Why wait until they are dead? Hence that side of the family I do not associate it nor want to know at all. They have hurt my parents, my sisters and myself time and time again. I know it will never stop and even though we share blood we are no closer then strangers.
A week after my uncle died my aunt on my mothers side died as well. I personally never knew her and only met her once when we went to Guatemala when I was seven year old. She was a good woman and helped my parents out when they needed help when they got together. She was a woman that lived her life her way even if it was against her families wishes. She seemed to be a woman that even though she didn’t know us she loved us and always showed loved to my father and mother. I wished I could have known her a bit more but Allah (SWT) knows why we didn’t have a better communication.

So the month of April has been hard from my family and the begining of May has not been easy for my husband and me. I see him less because of work and I truthfully feel as if I am single again. All of this sacriface we are doing I hope that Allah (SWT) will bless us and rewards us as he sees fit. I am currently looking for a job because I truthfully am bored all day. Yes I could use this time to write on here or work on my story more but truthfully I am getting stir crazy. I need an outlet I cannot stay at home full time especially when I don’t have nothing to do all day. In two days flat I’m finished with the cleaning, cooking and doing all my other errands, I need an outlet and going back to work is something I think I need to do.

At least we do have some good news, my hubby just finished paying off his student loan!! We are so happy!! We celebrated by eating in halal Indian food! It feels good that we finally found a place that delivers authentic Indian food to your doo and its HALAL!! So yes we celebrated last night that one loan we are done with. We are closer to our goal at being debt free. Now we only have our car loan and the little bit of credit car debt and we will be done. Insha’Allah at the end of this year we will be done with our credit card and then the car loan should be done next year but I will do my best to get it done this year…

As you can see we have had a rollercoaster in April and the begining of this month. Insha’Allalh the rest of this month we bit easier for us. We actually with a few extra funds we have been rearranging and decorating our living room. So far our living room is coming out as we liked. I will post up a review on the App that we have been using to help us.

I am back now and ready to write. I will be on here for a little bit since we are going to visit hubbies family in a couple of weeks. 

Love you guys and I hope you are all doing well!!
Until Next Time,


Today We say Farewell

Today your body was put to rest but your soul has gone to Allah (SWT). Your memory will always live within me and your light will always shine bright.

Your the person that accepted my mother and my sisters, you always showed us love and played with us.

Your the only other man that I called father, you were gracious enough to allow my confusion go as a child.

I am grateful to have had you for the time that you were here. I am grateful that I have an Uncle that showed me love and compassion.

I will miss you, I will have this pain a while longer.

Your memory, our memories will always live on. Your legend will continue as the family grows, each and everyone of your nieces and nephews love you and have our own memories of your love for us.You will never be forgotten.

I love you my favorite Uncle. I love you my second father.

May you rest in piece and be in a joyful bliss with Allah (SWT) and his angels.

To my Tio Paco, I will Miss You

Today is a sad day… A few hours ago I got a call from my mother. She and dad were at my uncles place…

They got news that my uncle that lives in Guatemala died in his sleep… This is hard for me because I grew up with my Tío Paco. He came to the states when I was young.

I used to get so confused because he would look to me like my father. So I would call him daddy too. He left when I was about 7 years old and I cried my heart out. 

Out of all my uncles he is the one that accepted my mother and my sisters and me without judgment or scorn. He loved us and was our playmate when he was with us.

On Christmas I talked to him telling him he should come back here. If not I would try to go see him so he could meet my husband. We both were excited at the idea, how i haré that we will never get that chance. 

At least I can find comfort that I talked to him and told him that I loved him.

Insha’Allah he doesn’t know any pain and may he be in Paradise with my other uncle, his older brother that I never met.

Tio Paco

Mi amigo

Mi chinito

Mi Budda

Como extraño tu sonrisa 

Tu ternura

Mi tío 

Un ángel 

Que regreso a paraíso 

Volando en el cielo

Tío Paquito

Mi chinito

Te quiero

Te extraño

Pero siempre estarás 

En este corazón


I love you and will miss you. My heart aches but I know your in a better place…

My Writing Struggle

I swear I give kudos and envy all of you that are able to hhave such a busy life and still be able to come on here everyday. I know as OM says, if you want it you basically will push yourself and do it.. 

Not that I don’t want it I just haven’t gotten to the point of being able to make that “time.” When I think that I have my routine life throws a curve ball and there I go with a hectic weeks, months and something falls threw the cracks.

This upsets me because I love writing and I love communicating with the internet world. Naturally I am a “loner” always was. I’m a person that never had that many friends and in a large social gathering I was the one person that was in the cornor trying to make myself invisible.

This is something that a few of my friends have been able to break the barrier… In the Marine Corps I had a very few people that I assiociated with, in the Army my “crowd” got even smaller. As I got out of the military… well lets just say that the few friends I do have are in other states and we aren’t in communication everyday. We call or text once in awhile and that is good enough for us.

Saying this I have always had trouble befriending people and getting out of my “shell”, I guess that’s why I do push myself to write on here and even though it is not as most bloggers for me it is for now enough.

Thank you for understanding and giving me support on my blog, I wish I could say that I will be on here everyday trying to get my numbers up. I won’t but I can promise you all that I will do my best to not have long silences on here again. 

Until Next Time,