My Writing Break

I’m back! This couple of days I took off was what I needed! I have recharged my batteries and ready to go!

As I have said before I signed up for a website as a freelance writer. Well a couple of weeks ago I did a second article and it got accepted! I filled out my W-9 form and now I am trying to set up a schedule at home in order for me to actually start submitting more articles.

I will still be writing on WP as much as possible. I am planning on writing as a freelance writer for four hours twice a week. If I see that my articles are being accepted  then I might do it more often. I need to have a minimum of ten dollars to ask for a payment. They only pay through Paypal so I’m not sure if Paypal actually charges. Talking to hubby he agrees with my plan.  I’m not trying to get rich here but I am trying to gain more experience as a writer.

They still have not come back with my evaluations on my two articles. They said that they evaluate articles as they come in. As of right now I am at level 3, as soon as they do my evaluations I am hopeful that it gets raised to a level 4 or 5.

Insha’Allah as I keep getting more experience and my levels keep getting higher; then the articles I submit will have a bigger cashflow. I might even go back to school or at least get courses for writers to maybe grow a career from this. As always this is a hobby for me with the dream of becoming a career… 

I look forward in giving you all more creative post in the future. 

Until Next Time,


Taking a break

ill be taking a break for this whole week… I’m sorry, hubby and me have a function on Saturday with some friends and tomorrow is the meeting with our new doctor..

I think right now hubby and me are being super sensitive so I notice that it is effecting what I write in here. 

I always wanted this blog to be uplifting and have no whining it complaining.. I feel that’s what I have been doing it and I don’t want that for my readers..

So see you all next week Insha’allah!

Until Next Time,


Got my IPad Mini Fixed!!

Hah! I’m so happy! Doing my happy dance!

Today hubby and I went to the Apple Store to see if they were able to fix my Ipad Mini. Well, we both forgot that we spend the extra charge on the protection plan ( I don’t remember if it is called that way).

When the Apple Rep told us how we felt of just trading my old Ipad Mini for a new one without no charge, we both looked at him and asked “whats the catch”. Let’s face it NOTHING is for free.

That is when he told us that we still had the protection plan, so basically before going through all the trouble of trying to fix it I could just change for a new one!

Since my Ipad Mini had a crack across the screen we said sure! I got soo happy!

So now Yes, this is the first post that is being published by my new beautiful Ipad Mini!!

Next product we are purchasing (which hopefully is my Mac Air!!), we will definitely be buying it with the protection plan too!!

So now I can read and write with out the small screen!!

Thank you my King! You spoil me so much!!

Until Next Time,

My Writing, and some new news

I know my writing has not been on here as often. Right now I feel very emotional and when I’m emotional I write things that layer I might regret.

So right now I am using my journal (paper type) to write what I’m feeling. Maybe later on that will be used as an inspiration for my poetry or story.

Life right now for my husband is a roller coaster with work and other issues. He needs me and right now I have to be there even if it’s just to give him a hug.

I am his rock and he is mine, I’m sure all of you can understand that.

There is another platform that I went into and if you wish to follow it email me directly. I will be linking up this blog to that platform but I will also be writing and posting different type of things… I guess you can say it will be more personal than this..

Yeah I know I have put on here some personal articles but trust me it’s not as personal as this one will be.

I have Twitter and I have this, and these two platforms I want it to be focus on writing only. This other one will be featuring my writing of course but also more personal thoughts and maybe some pictures ( not if us though).

So for right now I will be posting not as often but not as like I’m used too. If you want to follow my “personal” platform please email me at and I will send you the link.. Maybe after a few months I’ll put the new link on my contact tab…

Until Next Time,

Mini- StayCation

I will not be posting from Jan 31 – Feb 3.

Hubby and I need a little time to ourselves. All work and no play leaves you drain and not in a good mood.

We need to recharge ourselves and spend Time with each other that we haven’t been able to lately because of his job.

Sometimes it feels like I’m single since he works 50 hours plus a week. That’s on his REGULAR onsite office, not when he goes to help out other offices..

So have a great weekend everyone! Laugh, enjoy life with amazing people! Don’t let work or misery rule you!

Until Next Time,


Marriage, the Struggle

It’s scary when you have been married for a while and something happens. This changes your marriage in a way that you never realized.

It doesn’t matter what happens. It could be  issues, events, people, etc. That really doesn’t matter, what does matter is how you as a unit come out of it. Marriage is an everyday struggle but eventually after years of it you become a well oiled machine that can handle everything and anything.

I know that I don’t have the perfect marriage, I’ve only been married for 5 years and knowed him for 6. One thing we both promised each other was communication, loyalty and to always go to bed happy not angry.We have come through many obstacles in life and I can say that we are a unit, and almost a well oiled machine in these short 5 years.

.My parents before I even thought of marriage told their 3 daughters one important thing about marriage. Marry a man that respects you, will be loyal to you and put you first. Make sure he follows God and that he works hard. Don’t look at his “pedigree” or how much money he has or could have. Marriage is about having fun with your best friend. I can say they were right. I have been having fun for the past 6 years of knowing my husband.

Before our marriage we had a fight. Yes believe it or not. I had been living on my own for about 8 years. I had my military roommates but I had never lived with a man. Well when it came to decide what furniture to keep he wanted the furniture that his family had given him. I said find but for the bedroom I wanted to keep my furniture. It took me 3 years to pay off my bedroom furniture (yes it was a whole mahogany wood set) and being deployed I had only used it for 6 months. Well the ending was we kept ALL his furniture because his had sentimental value versus mine only had monetary value.

Once we got married 5 years ago things changed. Our first 6 months were hell, Fighting over any little thing.. How he didn’t put the cap on the toothpaste, or how he leave his shoes in the middle of the living room and I am constantly tripping over them. Or how I brought work from home or kept moving the furniture around. Or me trying to changed the way we ate because it wasn’t healthy.

The one fight that was the last straw and we actually laughed about was about the type of rice we would eat! Yes! A very stupid reason to fight but we did. Afterward we were laughing, even though we ended up eating the rice that he grew up on.

Throughout the years there have been many fights over other stupid things, in the end we find a way to either compromise or talk about it until we find a solution. We don’t see who “won” or ‘lost” because frankly that doesn’t matter.

Marriage is a constant struggle but what matters is the work you put in it to make it work.

My examples are my parents and sister, they have 50 combined years of a successful and happy marriage. They have tumbles as everyone else does but one thing I learned is that they don’t let anyone else in their marriage nor do they see which spouse is right or wrong.

What they see and value is to live happy with each other and try their best to support one another. To make sure that they have fun.

So yes, marriage is a struggle; its a commitment that is long lasting. Marry your best friend the person that makes you smile, the one that gets you in trouble or like in my case my family has nicknamed us to be…

“Pre-schoolers,” yes that is our nickname with my family because my husband and I still play airplane, we still go  and stick our tongue out to each other when we annoy each other.

Trust me, play with your spouse have fun and I’m sure that you will have a lasting and happy marriage. Talk to each other, don’t look at others to tell you if you have a good spouse or not. You know that yourself.

Respect, love and be loyal to each other and above all HAVE FUN!!


Until Next Time,


Writing dilemma, Thank You

So I am still only writing on my iPhone. I think that I’m getting a bit better at not messing up the writing..

I truly miss my iPad.. I need to get the car from hubby and go to the Apple Store, to see if they can fix it.

I haven’t posted as much because well I hate writing on the iPhone, but I can’t stop either.. I want my flow to continue..

I also want to thank all of you that follow me and for my new followers. I know that I am basically writing a mixture of my life, creative writing and all other topics. I guess my blog is becoming more of who I am then what I had originally intended.

I hope this will keep you all interested to keep reading. Thank you for the likes and few comments that I have received. They are greatly appreciated and welcomed!!

Until Next Time,

Dr. King, have we forgotten already?

Well I totally forgot and I feel bad. Today is Dr. Martin Luther King day. A day of remembrance of a great man that started as a whispered and gain into a momentum in our history.

A man that with peace hoped to achieve freedom for ALL minorities. A man that had dreams that one day we all became “equal based on our characters and not by the color of our skins”..

A beautiful speech with a message that in time I think MANY have forgotten. Today I forgot, regardless that I am not working or going to school. I should have remembered. I should have told my nephew about a great man.

Because of this man my sister and her husband are able to have their little family. Because of this man I am able to marry my Pakistani sexy mother watch my mouth man.

This man created a revolution that millions benefited and instead of us remembering him we go about our days like any other.

We go to the MLK 50% sale going. We use this day off from work and school to socialize, drink and act like we have no common sense. An extra day off of work.. One more day to recover from that weekend hangover..

I’m sorry Dr. King that we have lost your message, that we have become ungrateful if the hard work you and your followers did in order for us minorities to have the right to vote, the right to marry outside our race, the right to go into any public place without fear of prosecution.

So here is my remembrance, here is my voice late in the day but with gratefulness to man that sacrificed so much for me and future generations. I hope that if you haven’t remember with this humble post you do.

Dr. King, peace and blessing and a very grateful Thank you

Until Next Time,

My Cooking adventure

Here is something new! I am juicing everyday for 5 days.. But I am still cooking and putting it in the freezer..

Well I have been cooking like crazy these past days.. Today I’m excited and nervous because I’m cooking homemade jalapeño poppers!

Been see the recipe and hubby and I always bye this when I don’t feel like cooking.. So out go to junk food.. Well now I’m cooking them..

Hopefully they come out right!!

Here are the before pictures..



Wish me luck! Looking at the original recipe I forgot the flour… But I think they will be alright..

Until Next Time,