My iPad Rant!

So I’m sorry to say that my iPad is out of Commission for now.. I was trying to update it and well now it is saying I need to plug it in a computer..

I really don’t understand as to why since I’ve updated it before and didn’t have that problem..

I’m pissed because that is my “laptop” for me. That little screwed up device is what I use for our finances, writing my stories and posting on here.

Right now I am using my iPhone which I hate! My fingers are cramping and my damn fingers are too chubby and I keep entering the wrong letter so I have to keep deleting the word.

So if I don’t post anything right now it’s not because I don’t choose too, it’s because I can’t!

Who knows maybe this is a blessing in disguise.

Until Next Time,

Completed Two Goals!

First weekday of the New Year! Well I am so happy about that for any reasons.

For one hubby gets to sleep in more with me before going to work! We can actually have breakfast together!

Having had a bitter sweet holidays I am trying to keep my head up and look at the positives..

I was very productive today even though I didn’t finish all of my chores. I am proud though because today was the first day since we have been living on our own again that I prayed my fraj (morning) prayer. I had tried before but I never seemed to get the motivation.

Today though I did it! I’m doing the happy dance! Slowly I know that I will keep adding more prayers until I am able to do all 5.

I am also proud of myself because I told myself that if I had a break somewhere I would write a post through out the day. Doesn’t matter what topic but I need to make sure that I am writing something.

Now at 6:19pm in the car waiting for hubby to get off so we can drive home I finally got that break!!

Yes I suppose this is just a random type post for me but hey you have to have at least one right?

Until Next Time,

On the Hunt for New Blogs to Read

I know that I have been taking breaks on WP. Maybe it’s because of the Holidays… I have noticed that the blogs I am subscribed too don’t post anything up very frequently.

I do hope that they are still able too because I truly miss their writing. Some have express that they will not be posting as usual, others have not said anything… I guess this new year has changes for everyone.

Now that I don’t have as many post to read I am looking for new blogs that interest me… We all need a change at some point right? I will never walk away from the blogs I have now but I am looking forward to the blogs I will start following.

I might not be reading a lot of books now but I sure am reading a lot of blogs. I can’t wait… I guess I should cut this post off short and get to pushing that subscribe button.

If any of you have any blog suggestions please put their link below. I am interested in all type of blogs…

Let the hunt begin!!

Until Next Time,

I Love You, You will be Missed!

This post is dedicated to my second Mother. She was my mother while I was in the military. When I couldn’t go home her and her family took me in as one of their own.

She comforted me, counseled me and showed me love, This woman touched my heart and soul and my only regret now is that I didn’t keep in touch with her or her family.

The day before New Years she passed away, she was battling some medical issues. Finally Allah (SWT) called one of his Angels in order for her to be at peace and not have any more pain.

I Love you Mrs. B.T. You will always be in my heart. I am so sorry that I cannot go to your funeral, I am sorry that I never called you mom through out those years. I’m sorry I didn’t keep in touch.

I hope now you see in my heart and know that I have never forgotten you and your family. I love all of you and I will be eternally grateful for all the love and kindness you all gave me.

Insha’Allah you are in Paradise singing in Allah (SWT) choir with that beautiful voice that you have. I miss it plenty.

I Love You Mom and I Miss You!

Unitl Next Time,


Happy New Year!

I know I am late, I am sorry.. Everyone I’m sure can understand that it was the holidays so the spending time with family and running a few errands please forgive me.

I am hoping that all of you spent an AWESOME New Year! Hopefully you all spent it with people that you love and made lasting memories for 2014. Being the New Year I’m sure everyone has written or thought of their New Year “Resolutions”. I know I have.

Of course I usually think of the same ones every year but this year I want to try something different. Instead of making a resolution on what to do or accomplish, I think this year I will try something different.

So here are my resolutions for 2015, (not in order nor dates on when they need to be accomplished)

1. Make sure I get closer to Allah (SWT), by doing my 5 daily prayers, reading the Quran more frequently and try to go to the Mosque for Jummah prayer (Friday “mass”)

2. Try to find myself, I need to stop living in my past. The accomplishments I have made in my life are now part of a beautiful memory. I need to consistently challenge myself physically, mentally and emotionally.

3. Leave all negativity at the door. Even if its family, relatives or with my husband. I need to associate myself with people that challenge me in a healthy way. If they choose be negative in any form to simple do my best and have the least communication with them.

4. Will try to become a more understanding and caring wife. I need to push myself more and support my husband more in all of his decisions, in his dreams.

5. Make new traditions with my Husband throughout the year. We need to start and enjoy life a little bit more after all of the sacrifices we have done and not feel bad or guilty about it.

Overall I know I can put more down, lets face it I wont try fill myself up with so many that I won’t be able to complete one. Maybe for some of you this is something that you are able to accomplish easily. For me though this will be something new and challenging. With the support of my husband and family I know that I can accomplish all.

What are your resolutions for the new year? Are there any changes that you would like to change…

Until Next Time,

Drama is not for this blog

Its so funny how some people think that I use my WP blog, facebook and twitter to hide behind.

If I have drama at home it stays at home. That I might mention a general thought on here yes I have on occasion done that. Have I put names or described the person NO.

Its just really funny how some people think that when I post anything up in my social media they believe that post is about them. I’m sorry but clearly they do not know me very well.

If I want to complain and whine I do that in my personal journal I have at home. Even then I don’t really put to much details in case I lose it or someone that is noisy (which are several) people find it and look through it.

One thing my parents taught me is if I have a problem with someone then I do two things.. Don’t talk to them or say what I have to say in front of their faces and be done with it.

So if you are any of those persons please don’t think so highly of yourselves. I am not on here to put any one on blast or whine and complain about my drama that I have. This is a platform that I am hoping to build if one day I actually get my books published.

My intimate DRAMA life issues will stay INTIMATE… I have no need nor do I need to let the world know what I am going through…

This is hopefully the first and last post I put on here regarding this subject.

I do apologize to my readers and I hope this post does not put any you off on unfollowing me..

Until Next Time,

In Holiday Spirit, Merry Christmas

As everyone knows I am Muslim, saying this I will still like to express to the people that do celebrate this Holiday.

Merry Christmas! We at my home do not decorate or do anything special. Usually we skip the holidays to visit hubbies family then the next my family. This year we were with my family and I can say that I had a time of my life.

First stop was with my parents. They are Catholic so they celebrate Christmas Eve. This year I told my mom that I wanted to make tamales ( Central American) type, so we went out and bought all of the ingredients. Of course for hubby and me I bought us a separate pot and meat since we do not eat non-halal food. It took us two days to get everything ready. On Christmas Eve I picked up hubby from work and went straight to mom. I swear I love my parents, they love my hubby so much that they treat him as if he was their own son. We laughed, joked, talked and ate. We waited until midnight (by that time my hubby and dad were snoring away, only my mom and me were up), to give us our hug and kiss and wished each other Merry Christmas. My parents gave us a gift which we opened and we loved it!

The next day hubby and I went to see my sister. They are Christian so they celebrate Christmas Day. Of course hubby and I cooked us a meal to take to their house since they eat non-halal. I can say we had an awesome time! They also had a gift for us and of course we loved it! What I loved about that day the most is how mom and my hubby started to play monopoly.

Has anyone played it and lasted about one hour and no one loses.. Yes that was the case. Mom and hubby just wouldn’t lose. My sister was the banker my brother in law just pitched in his two sense as dad and me. After awhile since mom was wining I became her “financial advisor” and my brother in law became my hubbies… I swear we all were laughing so hard. Who thought that mature adults could act like such children.

The funniest thing though is that the actual children (my sister and brother in laws kids) were in their rooms playing their video games.

Even though hubby and I do not celebrate this holiday it doesn’t mean that you cut off the family members that do. You respect them enough to accept their gifts and spend time with them. These holidays for my husband don’t represent the “birth” of anyone but it does represent the unification of family and building trust, communication, and long lasting memories with the people you truly care about.

I truly hope that all of you have spent these Holidays with the person or people that truly matter in your life, if you can’t physically be with them you can at least call them and let them know you care.

So all I can say is

Merry Christmas


I’m Back!!

Hello Everyone!! I’m back!

It feels so good to be back too! I am truly sorry for the long pause here I just needed to get myself situated again.

Don’t get me wrong I love my life but sometimes things happen and you go on a downward spiral. Sometimes you have to just disconnect yourself from a few things to get yourself our of it.

Well I am refresh and ready for some writing! I will do my best to post on here more regularly.

Again thank you for being patient and for the few that encourage me CCChanel yes my friends that is all of you! Thank you!

Until Next Time,


Climbing out of my emotional roller-coaster

I do apologize for not writing anything.. I have been in an emotional roller-coaster that I can’t seem to shake.

I know that before I got my “short” groove, I had writers block.. Right now that is not my problem, my problem this time is that I really don’t any type of communication with anyone right now. Plus I have made the decision to find work also.

I don’t even want to leave the house.. So please forgive me if I haven’t commented on anyone’s post or I haven’t posted anything up.. Plus looking for a job is a bit frustrating… Especially when trying to enter a new industry..

Right now I am forcing myself to right this because I believe that my readers deserve to know the reason as to why I am not writing on here as I use to.

I hope to get out of this runt quickly, I think this is my first step…

I Love you guys and I hope you all understand my position

Until Next Time,