Let’s turn it around and Fight Back

I’ve been gone for a few.. well with my hubbies buisness trip taking us out of town and I starting on my projects I have been busy.

Last week was a sad.. if you didn’t hear (not sure since I have not read any post about), the city of San Bernardino, California a hospital that specializes in helping families of special needs patients was attacked. I know everywhere in the world terrorist are going and noone is safe.

That same week in Las Vegas, Ca three different Catholic churches had four men come in while they were at mass stating “the Pope is the devil” and “turn to Jesus he is your saviour”. Now I was born a Catholic and the religion does believe in Jesus and that he is the son of God and that he is the saviour. I do not understand these “Christians” protesters since to me it seems they are attacking people that have a very similar faith as them.

Today on the radio I heard that the Los Angeles school district here in California received and electronic bomb threat. So today all the schools were shut down..

The world is coming undone and I know pitting out negativity brings negativity, maybe instead of letting these negative groups succeed in dividing us all we fight back.

We fight back by going to a Church, Mosque, Temple or any house of worship and have an opened mind to learn and accept each other. It’s okay to question, to fear the unknown but let’s stop letting fear freeze us into dividing ourselves further.

Let’s fight back by volunteering, going to our own houses of worship and try to set up an Interfaith event. Yes some are already out there but we need more. Let’s unite with love, acceptance and kindness.

We all have been created by ONE, regardless how we follow or practice I truly believe all religions teach us on thing…

Acceptance, to be kind to one another. Let’s turn off our electronics for 1 or w hours each day and have actual family time. Read the Bible, Torah, Quran not individually but as a family. Let the kids ask questions, you ask questions and do your research.

Let’s not forget that our pastors, minister, preacher or imam are the know all of our religion. A person that cannot accept a different way of thinking may not be the source you want to put all of your trust in. In the end they are men and woman just as us and are flawed. We are not perfect nor will we ever be.

Let’s fight with love and spread hope. Let’s put hope and dreams back into our own homes and slowly filter it out.

If you see someone that has less then you, would it hurt giving them something that you have an abundance of. One plate now days can feed two to three people.. let’s remember that gluttony is a sin.

I’m not saying let’s not have fun but let’s also not forget there are many out there that could use a smile, hug, and ear to be heard, a shoulder to cry on.

We can’t fix the world overnight, let’s be that whisper and fix it one person at a time..

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Lets Show the Manners We were Taught at Home..

If you have read my post Book Reading… I have a couple of comments down there that of course has nothing to do with the post. One commenter I refused to keep dialoguing with since I felt they were commenting to insult. They already had made up their mind which is fine, I might not like it but everyone is entitled to their opinions and beliefs. 

I do not hate or will hate anyone just because they do not see it “may way” I’m a very open minded individual (or I like to think so) that acceptance anyone’s opinion even though it might hurt. I do have my limits though. Islam is my religion and I am open to talk to anyone that has questions or wants to talk about the differences. I am NOT on here to CONVERT OR REVERT ANYONE, I am NOT on here to push my religion onto ANYONES THROAT. These are my opinions and my way of life, all I ask is that you respect that. If you can not or will not then I will ( Thank God for this feature) moderate you and just trash your comment. It doesn’t mean I feel your opinion is not worthy of my blog it means that I will not tolerate my religion being insulted and disrespected.

I’m sure if I start bashing Christianity and putting all the negative History this religion has some of you if not all of you would be hurt and I’m sure would either lash out or unfollow me. Everyone has and believes their truth as they perceive it to be.  It does not mean they or I am wrong thats just life and we should learn to respect that.
On the topic of a different commenter you probably know her CChanel41.wordpress.com, she asked me a couple of questions. My responses were long and I feel it deserves a blog on its own. If you want to read her questions and my answers please Click here to view them.

IF any of you or for the ones that are just passing by please feel free to comment, question but do so respectfully…

I have my opinions and I base them on my upbringing, educational background, research, mentors conversations, faith and religion ( I believe faith and religion are two separate thought process). 

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Book Reading: Islam Beliefs and Teachings By:Ghulam Sarwar

With everything that is going on in this word, after 6 years of owning this book that my father-in-law gave me when I reverted to Islam. I am finally going to open it and read it.

Not that my faith is faltering, but sometimes you need to further Your understanding and gain more knowledge in your faith.

This book is an actual work book. As I go I will put the questions and my answers. I don’t see an answer section so i will be talking to oter Muslims or Imams if I can to see if I am understanding the literature correctly. Hopefully my understanding of Islam will grow more.

If any of you have any inout, suggestions or thoughts about any of this please feel free to comment. I love talking to all of you.

Here are a few pictures on how the book looks like with the talk of content.







Here are the lessons Questions:


Until next time,

Scared of Changes

I need some opinions here… I know I said I will be doing some changes here… I haven’t done them because I’m actually scared of changes…

I love my writing and slowly I have been deleting my post of Shadow Voices. The only reason is because those post are really raw and I’m in the process of editing them. For those that have been here awhile, yes I’m still editing.

Other post of ranting and/or what I consider whining I am taking down as well.

My post about marriage, creative writing, traveling and finances I am planning on keeping them. Of course I want to go over them and correct any mistakes they have.

I also want to introduce post on cooking and sewing. So I guess my blog will no longer be of just “writing.”

Now saying all of this I believe I need a new title for my blog… in the next few days I might be posting a few suggestions and would love to have some feedback from you all.

I don’t want to erase this blog and start fresh, I can say that this blog has way more follows and communication then my earlier unsuccessful blogs.

If any of you have any feedback that could help please feel free to comment me.

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Our Spanish Books are Here!!

So Our Spanish books just came in today! I’m so excited!

Looking over the book it seems to be challenging even for me. I have not study the spanish nouns, aritcles and adjectives, or the Estar, ser and subject pronouns in a VERY long time. I good refresher course for me, so I’m sure I will be learning new things with this book as well.
Now I just have to wait until hubby gets home from work and set up a schdule on when to study and a deadline to finish each chapter. Having our own books I know it will be easier to handle. Can’t Wait!!
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Our language adventure

Hubby and me have been bouncing around the idea of learning a language. There are two languages that we have been thinking about.. Urdu and Spanish.

Urdu because naturally his family is from Pakistan and well when everyone is together they tend to forget there is one person that doesn’t understand what they are saying… 

Spanish because even thought family makes an effort to talk English it’s hard for my parents and I. My hubby does understand basic Spanish but sometimes we get to excited and go to fast for him. 

At his job most of his workers are Hispanic so they talk naturally in Spanish, my husband feels that maybe this will help him be able to communicate better with them.

So talking about it we finally came to the conclusion. We will learn Spanish first ( refresher for me of course ), so I bought the books in Amazon and should be here by the 16th. 

Insha’Allah by the end of this year I will be having my husband talking, reading and writing Spanish fluently with me and my parents. When we have our kids most likely this home will be a dominate Spanish speaking home.

After we become really fluent we will start learning Urdu, after that we were thinking Japanese. 

I guess this is part of our bucket list I forgot to put on that post lol… I’m so excited I can’t wait!!
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Stomp the American Flag Challenge Circulating the Web and News 

I’ve been seeing on facebook and the few news I see when I’m with my parents about this woman that gave Americans a “challenge.” To step on the American flag to show that they no longer will be held down by racisim that the flag “represents”. Then looking into it more it seems this originated by students from a university in GA because a student allegdly brought a gun to school. Which one is it I don’t know but this is what I do know.

I am not sure but reading her background it seems that she is college graduate. So she does have an amercian academic background. Saying this I can imagine that she learned that the American flag does not represent oppression or racisim of any kind. It represents the colonies that broke away from British rule and to bring hope of freedom of religion and way of life.

I also understand that the African American and other Non-White cultures have been killed, oppressed and not given equal treatment by the governemnet and the people. Now I can’t say that the American nation is racist free or oppressed free. We still have so many obstacles to overcome and I think as long as you have people that keep on sticking to their sterotypes and believing rumors then this will never end. I also know that if you are just doing this challenge because of a student allegdly brought a gun to school then I truly don’t get it.

I am not excusing her actions nor the actions of the people that follow her. Lets face it, through out the years people have taken their freedom to new heights. Isn’t that what these men and women that swear to protect their nation die for? Is that not what freedom mean? You can express yourself in any form as long as you do not intentionally incite a civil unrest or are being a terrorist.

In a way her and her demeanted followers are practicing their rights that the constitution and this nation has represented since the colonies started. Even in front of soldiers, government officials she and others have the right to spit, walk on, burn or do with the flag as they please.  Now in the 70’s the flag was seen burned by the peace in love generation, in the 80’s the flags or images of the flags were worn in fashion such as bikinis, shorts, tang tops, jeans, etc.. People have put the flag on their walls, picture fames, cars, coffee mugs and other several items and it never caused an uproar or shock as this.

In the end her cause is flawed; see if we look at our history books we can refresh our memories what the American flag represents.

50 stars: For every state

13 stripes: for the first 13 colonies to declare independence to British hold

Red: Hardiness and Valour

White: Purity and Innocence

Blue: Vigilance, perserverance and justice

Now I’m in no means a college graduate nor do I profess to be a history buff. Could this information be wrong it might. This is what not only taught in my school years but also in my Marine Corps bootcamp. Yes when you go to bootcamp it isn’t only for the guns and grunt work. You get taught the military history of the United States so you know the reason you will kill or be killed if you ever had too.
People can go ahead and debate that she is right or wrong by doing this and telling her to leave the country because she is disrespecting our flag. I’m sorry but to me she is using her constitutional rights to express what she feels is a justified cause. Unfortunately she is representing her cause in a very mix way, the flag in no way represents oppresion or racisim. If that is what se is meaning then maybe she should get the flag that the KKK uses or the flag the Southern states used when slavery was being practiced. 

My personal feeling is she is a very stupid woman that is using a symbol of freedom that not only gives her the right to do what she is doing but also is causing her to have thousands if not millions of people to wish her harm. This unintentionally can cause a civil unrest and can get people hurt. I wish I could say I can excuse or find validity in her because she does not have any academic background but being a college graduate she should know better on how to use her resources to make her cause heard in a better way. Plus the different youtube videos I have seen about the cause is also very confusing, is it because of the gun or is it because of racisim? Make up your mind.

What do you all think? Do you believe she is right or wrong, do you think she should leave this country?  What could she have done to better help her “cause”? 

Please voice your opinions I’ll really like to hear them.

Until Next Time,


My Buket list Then and Now

Everyone I’m sure has heard the term Buket List. If you haven’t then hopefully I will be able to explain it in a few words. It’s a list that you write at one point in your life or throughout your life, of experiences or things that you would like to accomplish. Most people like to accomplish their list when they are single. Some people like to have it finished by a certain time frame regardless if they are married or not.

Well I have never actually written my bucket list but I have always known what I wanted to experience and accomplish. Its weird that looking back all these years that I have accomplished so much more then what was on my bucket list. This list in my life have changed but I never realized it would change this much. 

This is my bucket list before I even thought of getting married:

1. Be in Law Enforcement especially the California Highway Patrol: 

I didn’t joing the CHP but I was in the CHP Explorer Post 530 South Los Angeles office since I was the age 15 – 19 year. I experienced DUI stops, Felony stops, drug bust, colliisions some death on scene some just minor traffic collisions. I competed in several regional and state competitions in teams of a 2 unit partner team, swat team. Even though I didn’t wear the badge I experience the lifestyle of an officer and it was a mind blowing experience.
2. Have my own childcare buisness:

Even though I have done my surveys, built my buisness plan I never executed it all the way. The time I was planning this I was still in the military and by the time I got out life just kind of took over and I left it in the back burner.
3. Jump out of a plane:

Even though I got as close to jumping from a plane in the military I have never down it. Even though I have repelled from a plane (not moving or turned on) for training purposes it still gave me that adrenaline rush. I’m sure doing it for real that rush will be even more awesome!

4. Travel the world:

Thankfully with my military job I have been able to travel. Maybe to not all of the exotic places I would have wanted to but I at least have seen very people places, cultures and people.  

5. Join the military specifically the Marine Corps:

I joined the Marine Corps and it was the best 4 years of my life. Even though I couldn’t continue because of my injuriies I don’t regret this decision at all! I did join the Army after to keep my career but unfortunately the Army is nothing like the Marine Corps and I just couldn’t continue. The military is changing and brining in boots that seem to not understand that the military is not a 9-5 job nor is there any individualism or democracy… 
6. Take care of mom and dad:

I was fortunate to help out my mom and dad when they have needed it and Allah (SWT) has blessed us to keep helping them in any way we can. Money isn’t the only way you can help family out..
Now my bucket list has changed

1. Travel: 

This travel I hope to do it with my husband and not by myself. I already did the road trips, spur of the moment vacations and escapades with my friends and by myself. It is time to enjoy my travels with my husband now, to share those moments and experiences with him and Insha’Allah our little ones.

2. Wife and Children:

I never though of being married when I was in the military. Did I have relationships and was I engaged once yes. I always felt if I was married in the military it would be a very difficult to hold on to a mariage and have children, especially when you are constantly being deployed. Now with my King, I am able to give my full attention to him and to our future little family. IThis might not be in everyone’s bucket list but it is in mine.

3. Closer to Allah (SWT):

I lost my faith in a young age, I was mad and it didn’t want to believe in anything. Once I started to believe it was a difficult and slow process for me. I tried many religions but none gave me the feeling as Islam did. Now that I have found my path Insha’Allah I become closer and follow the path he has written for me and my husband. Insha’Allah as the days goes by I hope that my love and faith grows stronger and I am able to meet Allah (SWT).
4. Jump from a plane:

Yes I still want to do this. This will probably be by myself since my husband doesn’t want too, but I’m okay with that and so is his.

5. Owning our buisness:

I no longer wish to have my own child care provider but I am wanting to own out rental property like that I can still stay at home and be with our kids if we have any. Or I can finally replace my husbands income and we can start traveling more often.

6. Publishing my thoughts:

I want to be able and publish my books that I have in mind. Yes Shadow Voices is one of them and I am itching to start my second one too. I also have my poetry that I love creating and this blog that has helped me come out of my shell more and more each day. If I can not get published in the traditional sense I will be looking into self-publishing from amazon, nook and other websites. I have stopped myself to much I can’t do this to myself any more. Insha’Allah this will be a new career for me. It might not be a money making machine but it will be a passion that was lost but found again.

These are my itmes in my bucket list. Is it the “normal” I really don’t know since I have never been normal. Will the list expand most liekly, I lived my single wild days so I don’t fell the need of hanging out with my “girls” or going on vacations by myself. This time I want to share my life with my best friend my husband. I can’t imagine doing things without my husband by my side.
What is on your bucket list? Has it changed, Why? Comment below of your list or if you already posted one then put your link on here. Remeber any comment you put on here feel free to add your link, lets help each other out and meet new bloggers and grow as writers. Plus it is always great to read new post from bloggers from all over the world.

Until Next Time,