Wounded Warrior Project – How people are still ungrateful

I understand that our military personal are paid through the “taxes” that we all pay. Lets face it, even the military personal still have to pay taxes every year. They don’t have any tax cut or exceptions. So in a way they pay themselves also.

Saying this I still do not understand how some of the population still believe that some benefits should be taken off or if new benefits are needed there should be a vote. Again scrolling down my Facebook I saw this question being asked by the Wounded Warrior Project and for some reason it really irked me..


Now my thinking is that these are men and woman that served our country. They literally lost limbs, are unbalanced mentally or have some issues unfortunately that were caused while on active duty. These are our men and woman that were not forced to serve they VOLUNTEERED. 

I can uderstand that some feel that because the volunteered then we as a NATION do not OWE them anything. In reality we owe them EVERYTHING! If it wasn’t for these courageous people we wouldn’t have the freedom that most of us have. Does that mean we are free… NO. Does it mean that we are 100% protceted from the enemy NO. They do the best they can with the resources and the leadership (our government and president) give them.

I don’t see why some people still think that we should not help them or include more benefits for them.

Okay, I know not everyone is going to agree with me but REALLY!! So far 3.4% says no to giving them fertility help. Seriously? Then 4.1% are not even sure!! HOW IN THE HECK ARE YOU NOT SURE!

If it wasn’t for the sacrifices that they AND their families give we wouldn’t have the FREEDOM we all CLAIM we have! Its always the many that keep the few from moving up or not being able to get the resources or tools they need.

I truly hope that many truly look into their hearts and recogzine how much the U.S. Military have given to their nation. Its sad that instead of being grateful and try to make their lives a bit easier and healthier we are gready and selfish.
Wake up PEOPLE! Lets get back to our men and women that have the guts to do what MANY of YOU can’t DO!
If you have Facebook if you aren’t already following this group I hope you do today and vote YES! Lets help get this benefit pushed in order to give a child to a family that has SACRIFICED so much already.
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The Few That have been Forgotten

Now I have always put on here that we should all be more human. We need to sympathize to other culture and people. If the media protrays something bad to not believe it. I know in life there are good and bad. Just because one individual or group are doing or acting in a negative matter, I push to say that not all of the people from that background are the same.

Why do I say this… Remember these opinions I posted awhile back:

1 – A society of negative events
2 – Its time to act

And other opinion’s I have posted on here when it comes to injustices and judging a group by a few bad seeds.

I was on facebook today and I happened to come across this aritcle that I really liked. It was published online by Washington Post. It talks about how  A few Muslims, decided to join or help the Allied forces in War World II. These were exceptional beings that either got captured or killed by doing what All of us should try to do more oftern. Speak up, help save lives.

This article shows me that there are Muslims out there that are following Allah (SWT), they understand his word and are living it not preaching it. These are woman and men alike, how I wish that the Media would publicize these type of stories more often. I’m not saying that we should try to eliminate all negative media but we should also have a balance. Especially when the world are targeting a religious group and for lack of better words are “crucifying” them because there are no positive views out there.

I know that my little post won’t be read by many and the chances for it to get on the reader or to be reblogged are even less. My opinion only truly matters to me, will it impact the world I doubt it. At least I know that I am doing my best to shine a light on a group and helps that group. Hopefully my whisper will eventually turn into a roar where peoples mindset will start looking at a certain group in a diffrent way.

If you would like to know about thses exceptional Muslims, that made a difference to many Jews (which supposevily Muslims and Jews hate each other), and other innocent people please clisck here. My respect goes out to these Muslims, and their families. They are the true Jihadist, they are the ones that live Allah’s (SWT) word. 

To me this is an example of how not only Muslims should act but how ALL humans should act.
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Advocating to Stop Bullying Vs. Whining and Wanting Attention – Which are You

This is a topic that frankly isn’t brought up as much. What is the definition of Bullying, cyber-bullying and harassment? 

Bullying: Verb; Use superior strength or influence to intimidiate (someone), typically force him/her or to do what one wants

  Example: ” a local man was bullied into helping them.”

*Gotten from google search toolbar

Cyber-bullying: Noun: To use the electronic communication to bully a person, typically sending messages of an intimidating or threatening nature.

   Example: “Children may be reluctant to admit to being victims of cyber-bullying.”

*Gotten from google search toolbar

Harassment: Noun: agggresive pressure or intimidation

   Example: ” they face daily harassment by the police”

*Gotten from google search toolbar

The reason I put the definitions first is because it seems that some people do not know the difference. I for one HATE BULLIES, regardless if they are adults or children. I got bullied as a child and going into the military people “tried” to bully me. I have been somewhat bullied on the internet but thanks to my parents and the military I learned how to handle it. 

Everyone should be able to express themselves with out the fear of being INTIMIDATED by anyone OR organization! Just because someone does not agree with your form of thinking or doing things does not mean it gives you the right to bash them. When they in turn defend themselves you cry “wolf” don’t expect sympathy or compassion. 

As my parents and the Marine Corps taught me: IF YOU DISH IT OUT YOU NEED TO TAKE IT, if not SHUT YOUR MOUTH!

I think those are words to live by. I understand that sometimes you might have a friend and they are being bullied you want to defend them. Thats great I commend you for it. If you want to STOP the BULLYING you DON’T BECOME THE BULLY!

It seems that some people do not understand that. I love WordPress and I love to be able to voice my opinion to which ever article of my choosing. If you write some content that I might not like and I voice my opinion then either moderate it, delete it or respond in an ADULT AND MATURE MANNER.

I’m sure ALL of our parents raised us with manner, just because we are behind the screen does not give us the freedom to bash on someone or force an idea down someones throat.

If you choose to block a person then you don’t need to go to their blog and aggrivate them. Most trolls or bullies usually are annonymos… If you do not like what that blogger commented and you choose to go to their blog instead of firing down rage take the time to reseach or look around their blog to get a feel on who and what they usually blog about.

I’m a person that people on here and off of here feel that I am compassion, sympathic to others. The truth is I don’t think I am. Surprised? No don’t be, I have always posted on here my feelings and thoughts regardless of what topic it is.

I hate the fact that because I express myself someone chooses to tell me that I am in certain words advocating bullying. No I’m not! I have been on committees at work to STOP bullying why would I change now? I have post on here talking about how I believe people should be treated fairly, about us as humans uniting in order to help us become more humane. 

On he flip side I’m then told to not put on my social media that I’m advocating to stop bullying! What the HELL! yes I said it Hell! What is going on in your twisted mind to tell me that if I want to help to stop bullying I shouldn’t put it on my social media?! How in the HELL is THAT going to help bullying stop!

You don’t need to remind people of the achievements you have accomplished over and over again. If you help set something in place to stop bullying kudos to you but when you keep bringing it up it truly sounds like you just want attention and your cause might be lost.

If you tell someone your problem also BRING a SOLUTION, I for one am not one to take pity or be compassionate when people whine or complian. If you bring me a problem you better have an idea on how to solve it if not dont bring it to me cause I’m not your mommy or teacher.

So for all of you that advocate about stoping bullies either onling or not please read the definition and UNDERSTAND the meaning. For all of your good intentions your work if that is truly what you are after may look like the one thing you want to stop. 

Until Next Time,


Finally my reading is Done!

So basically, I have been reading all of my readers post… To me literally 3 hours!! I’m done now!! Wow!

I didn’t realized that I had signed up to that many.. If course I read mostly all of them. I tried commenting on most also..

Well all I can say is I truly enjoy the post I read! Some are funny, inspirational, creepy, informative and all in between!

I have to make sure I keep coming in here more often! Today hopefully I’ll be going to the Apple Store to see if they can fix my iPad Mini.. This iPhone is irritating me! A little screen is really hard to read and type! I know that a lot of people are used to it but I can’t! I have thick thumbs so most of the time I am picking the wrong letters!!

Well hopefully next time I post on here will be with my fixed IPad Mini!

Until Next Time,

Are You a Responsible Pet Owner

I understand out of everyone loves the furry four legged friends. I also understand that sometimes finances can be hard on some folks. But when you take in the responsibility of a pet then you should always make sure they are taken care of.. If you cant then you need to re-home them or taken to an appropriate shelter were they are going to be taken care of.

I say this because one of my mothers neighbors has a dog that is during and suffering, her neighbor doesn’t have the finances to pay to euthanize the poor dog. I finally found a shelter that charges only 10 bucks.

Hopefully she can spare 10 bucks if not I told my mother to tell me and I’ll personally take the dog to be euthanize.

I love animals, I used to have dogs and when I lived on my own I hate a cat. I had to give them up always because my family couldn’t afford them anymore or they died of old age.

I had to re-home the ones I had in the military because back then the military didn’t have a program to foster military animals..

As a married couple we had to re-home our dogs because hubbies family didn’t want dogs in the house or outside. I understand their feeling and respect it. So my husband and I made that difficult decision.

Now we have promised ourselves that we will not own any animals until we own our own property and are more financially stable.

Please I am begging you. If you can’t take care of yourself or your family don’t get pets, they have feelings too..

Until Next Time,

Is the Spark still there

I have heard many people talk about marriage and how after a certain amount of time they don’t have that “spark” that they started with. Which then they say leads them to be unhappy in their marriage. They stay together but then live a different life.

I don’t understand that… How can you lose the “spark”? One of my friends once told me that after 7 years of her marriage she loved her husband but it felt more “routine.” I ask her to explain and she said, the “I Love You” started to be said less, all that texting at night and day is now once a week or when one or the other needs something.

Another friend told me he loved his wife but that he needed his “guy” time. I asked what was “guy” time. His time was being away from a “nagging” wife, she always wanted him to do things around the house. If he sat down to watch the game she would come and tell him to play with the kids. He wanted to just be able to come home and relax. Not to worry about “chores” or the kids.. If they wanted to go out his wife would make a big deal on who took care of the kids.

Talking to another couple of friends they kind of understood the other two. I even understood them. After a day at work you just want to come home and not have to worry about doing anything. What I couldn’t understand is how all of them said the same thing.. They lost that “spark.”

Well hubby and I just hit our fifth year and I can say we still have the “spark.” After we got married we went to visit my parents. Talking to them they gave us one advice. Don’t lose the “spark”!! What! I asked them if they could explain. Have they lost theirs?

No came their reply, we haven’t lost it  because when you truly love someone you will always make sure you put them first. They told us that whatever feeling we were feeling when we looked at each, then thats the feeling we should work on keeping and try to make it grow.

I can say my husband and I have heard people tell us.. You can work on your marriage during the weekend or you still need to get your time alone with friends. If you guys take separate vacations you will miss each other more so your love will stay.

Now I know these are all well intended advice but some of these people are either singled, divorced or going through a divorce. Some are not happy with their spouse but stay together because “its just not done” or they use the children as an excuse.

All I can say is that every marriage is different, not everyone wants the same thing in a marriage. Some want money, others want to be taken care of, and some just go into it as a business.

What I do know that in my marriage we Love doing things together. We had our single years and went out with our friends, drank, partied and went out with people. We also paid our own bills and knew that by the time we met we were ready to enjoy and share our individual lives together.

The times we spent apart we hated it! We couldn’t sleep and we were texting and talking to each other most of the night.

I guess what I am trying to say is that you can listen to other peoples advice but in the end its what you both want that truly counts. Each side of the family says two different things, friends suggest opinions and then lets not get into books, internet and all that stuff.

If you love each other then make sure when you make this commitment you both have talked about what you want from the marriage, not financially or kids but talk about how you both want to have a lasting marriage.

Until Next Time,


Chapel Hill, I am OUTRAGE why aren’t You!

Isn’t it funny… A huge tragedy has occurred but not one person that I subscribed to has mention…

Funny how things work, everyone mentioned About “I’m not Charlie” and went on a verbal assault about a religion and shariah law etc…

But no one has mentioned the thre NYC shooting in Chaple Hill.. Everyone is writing it off as if it was a disgruntled white man fighting over a parking space.

His ex-wife is on the spot light and she says “they were in the wrong place and wrong time.” Really!! They were in the privacy of their on home! How in the HELL is that the wrong time or wrong place!

This is what the world is coming too, three lovely people two of which were NEWLYWEDS, how can society as a whole just keep going on with out a cry for outrage!

Here is my Cry! Here is my OUTRAGE!
If you are willingly to blog about people being massacred by TERRORIST then speak out for all!

No human life is better then the other.. Does anyone realized that one of the officers that died in Paris was a MUSLIM himself! Of course not because they would mean that the Portrayal of terrorist that they planted in your heads is wrong!

Let’s see who are the ones that truly stand up for freedom! Let’s see who stands up for justice!

I know I stand for it, I did as a child and I’ll stand tall as an adult!

Judge me if you like but if you preach then PREACH for ALL injustices not just the ones that are “common”..


Until Next Time,

A whisper to seek knowledge

Does anyone here like to hear podcast? I’m not sure if the android phones have them but the iPhone’s do..

Well I usually hate listening to here people talk because it always makes me sleepy.

Well hubby loves listening to the podcast he says that’s part of “his” time.

I have been driving him to work lately and I finally gave it a chance. He listens to the NPR podcast. I can say these past couple of days I have enjoyed the listening.

So I have gone to my iPhone and subscribed to a few podcast. Ranging from Islam to Hispanic (English) speaking, to writing…

So far I like two and I have deleted two.. As I catch up on the podcast since I have started from the beginning dates, I’ll make a review on here..

Knowledge is great to have and as ALLAH (SWT) says, he wants us to have faith in him but he also wants is to seek and question, in order for our faith can become stronger then before.

What knowledge do you seek? So you actively seek it or are you just satisfied where you are at and why??

Until Next Time,

Thank you

To everyone that I am subscribed to, I want to say I am sorry if I have fallen behind on reading your post. As I have previously posted there is a lot going on right now in our lives so I have not had the chance to be able to find a quiet moment to read.

As soon as this hectic week is over, Insha’Allah I will be able to go back to my normal routine of reading, commenting and writing.

I want to say Thank you to everyone that has encourage me to keep writing. From my Husband and his friend that started that spark again to my fellow bloggers on here. I don’t care if you just read, comment or like but everytime I get that notification of a follow, a like, and a comment I get a natural high.

You are all my insperation to continue to write and I will keep on writing.

Thank you

Until Next Time,


Music, My Therapy is coming back!!

Music has always been apart of my life. I have songs that I literally have family memories with. Like Mana ( a spanish rock group) my older sister loves them!! She used to scream every time they were played on the radio or tv.. Annoying but they had beautiful reasons.

Luis Miguel ( Spanish romantic singer), for my quinceañera ( sweet 15), the bands singer sang me a song “La Mieda Vuelta”. Till this day it puts a smile to my face.

There are many songs English and Spanish that I have fond memories. Every Friday we would put a small disco ball I. The living and party!! Lol of course it was just my parents, sisters and but to is we had a party.

My mom always told us that music is a form of therapy.. When your down, sad or going threw anything it will heal you.. I never knew how right she was..

Unfortunately the TRASH that is passing as music is ruining it for me! I mean common you literally here sex noises now! Really!!

I mean trust me I dance to the Ying Yang twins, Usher, and in between, but I never heard that type of music in Spanish!

But today I got another shock.. I have been driving around today so I have been blasting the radio and it seems that good music is coming back! Not only is it WAY more respectable ( no more sex noises) but they also seem to have actual deep messages (and these aren’t the religious channels!).

Well I guess the time we go threw the window or drop it like its hot are gone. I never learned how to shake my tail feather and Lord knows I tried, but I did wear those boots with the furs and apple bottom jeans!!

Until Next Time,