My doggies experience

Remember how I said I would be doing volunteer work on thursday. well I did it! I got to the place super early.

The experience was amazing! The potential adopter and his roommates where there to answer all the questions. They even had another dog there that was supper friendly!

I sent out my paperwork this morning to my contact at Ace of Hearts Dog Rescue this morning.

I hope that the potential adopter will be able to pass the rest of the process and be granted a dog.

I asked if I can get more assignments and I hope I do. There was another one to drop off a puppy to his new home. Unfortunately I couldn’t do it since it was to early in the morning and I had to drop off hubby at work.

Hopefully there is a next time. I would like to give more time to this organization.

Until Next Time,

My first Doggie volunteer assignment!

I am so excited! Remember when I said I was going for different volunteering opportunities. Well I only managed to do one. Which was the translating one that I had put the link on one of my post.

Unfortunately I couldn’t continue because I don’t have a computer or laptop. They require for the articles to be submitted at a certain timeĀ frame and on a word document. Well the library opens here way to late since the website administrators are on Central Time versus Pacific time. So I had to tell them I could no longer do it.

So I have been searching, and I submitted two more opportunities and only one replied back.

They are called Ace of Hearts Dog Rescue! They need people to take the dogs to appointments and for the volunteers to go on house inspections to see if the families or person meet the requirement to be able to adopt the dogs.

Well I filled out my waiver and application and I got first assignment! I will be inspecting a potential home for one of the sheltered dogs! Hubby printed out the paperwork that I need to take with me.

I’m so nervous! I’ve never done something like this before. Who knows maybe this is something I can do more often if they have the schedule that fits my time frame.

Wish me luck!

Until Next Time,

Volunteering Frustration

Today I am a bit sad. I was going to put in an application to volunteer at Casa LA, which stands for Court Appointed Special Advocates for children.

I have been trying to do more volunteer work since I am staying at work. I tried going to our mosque but it just doesn’t feel like I am doing much help. I want to help people not just help them sign in their names on a piece a paper. Don’t get me wrong that is a good thing but I just know that it isn’t for me.

So I went to volunteer match website, to see if I can find something for me. I had but not having a computer makes it hard.

So I found CASA and the RED CROSS, instead of signing up for both I decided to first try CASA. Helping children in their time of need and trying to make sure they are protected was something I really wanted to do.

Unfortunately there is a two year commitment that I have to do. I can’t because if my husband gets transferred or gets a promotion we would have to move I don’t want to be involved with a child and then having to leave them suddenly.

Its unfair to the child and to the case. So I sent the email letting the coordinator know I wasn’t going to submit my application due to not meeting one requirement.

Now I am looking at the RED CROSS and am hoping that this goes well. I already have the date to do the orientation so I hope that after I do that I am approved to work along side the organization.

Wish me luck on my volunteer hunting!

Until Next Time,

A Little Update

Sorry I have not uploaded something new.. I have been cooking and trying to do my writing projects. I have two sample writings that are due next week.

Wish me luck! Insha’Allah if I do well then I will keep writing for these organizations. Also have an interview for one and the other I have to email back to make another interview..

I hope I didn’t sign up for too much. I was just so excited…

Hopefully I will post something new this weekend.

Until Next Time,

I Got Responses!

I am doing my happy dance! Remember a few days ago I said I signed up for virtual writing volunteer work… Well the same day I got responses and they have been very promising!

I have my first article that is due next week so I have to do research on that. I’m so scared! Wish me luck.

Another one (translating into English) told me they will send me a sample article to translate as soon as they have one. So I’m happy for that! I hope I get that one soon.

Another one I have to do some online testing and a short interview. I need the library or hubbies laptop for that so I hope I will be able to do that.

Then I got two more today with a positive response! One in animal rights and the other in the financial world (which is what I used to do).

I know I wont be able to do all of them so I have to really focus on the ones I want to really do. I know I will have to reply to them today or tomorrow the latest in order for them to know I wont be able to do it.

I love this! I get to help people without having to drive anywhere (since we only have one and hubby uses it most of the time). At the same time I get to do what I love and that is WRITE! Who knows this could be the beginning of a new career for me.

Regardless I hope my articles get publish by the organizations and will help someone out there that needs it. Wish me luck!

If I don’t write on here you know why. I am about to start doing research on the article that I just got.

Until Next Time,