Lifeless ( May 26, 1999 )

You hurt me so much
You changed my life
How can I live now
With this pain in my life

I need love
I need joy
But you took it all away from me
That night that you left long ago

How can you hurt me this way
Can’t you see, you left me defenseless
I needed companionship
I trusted you with my life
In the end you chose to rip it apart

Now I’m sitting here
Thinking in this lonely dark corner

I wish I could demand you to come back to me

Being alone
I now know my life was with you
But you killed me

What can I do now
I’m lifeless
I’m nothing
with out you

My writing piece got Accepted!!



It got accepted! My small piece got accepted!! I just read the email! I’m so happy!!! I’m doing my happy dance!!

Thank you for everyone that supported me and sent good vibes my way. Insha’Allah this is a start of a good thing for me. I know it’s not much money but I am gaining experience! Insha’Allah more writing articles will come my way.

I can’t wait until the editorial team review my piece and let me know if there are any improvements to be made. Hopefully there isn’t and I get rated. 4 star!!

I got to start hunting for my next piece to write!

Yes!! Okay got to stop now or I’ll keep babbling like an idiot!

Until Next Time,