Oh Allah (SWT) We Need You

How can I just walk by

How can I just ignore the pain I see

Is this what society wants, has taught

For me to see a human being in pain, without a home without support

I am to walk by and forget it
Where have we gone wrong, where are the versus that we are taught 

Why don’t they jump to our minds

Why don’t they make us stop

To give charity, to give a smile, to give support
Oh Allah (SWT) we say we practice and follow

Oh Allah (SWT) we say we understand your word

In truth we hide and forget it in order to live our  busy lives
I cry of shame, I cry of hopelessness

I am but a whisper, a small helping hand

Oh Allah (SWT) enlighten us, let us see your splendor your majestical guidance

Oh Allah (SWT) Help you creations to live in harmony and to help each other as your word has been written

Be My

Heart shaped chocolates
Teddy Bears asking
Be Mine

A dozen

Just show me you love me
Show me care
Not just this day
But every day

I don’t need roses
I don’t need chocalates
I don’t teddy bears

I just need you time
Your love
Your caring

Your attention
Every year
Every month
Every day
And night

Be my Love
Be Mine

Won’t you be my

To A New Year of Writing

Here I am again and I want to say. Thank you to everyone that supported me. The ladies that gave me beautiful advice and to my husband. I love writing, I might not be an expert at it, I don’t have any educational background on it (unless you count grade school).

This is where I belong and I truly believe this is where I can be my true self. I don’t hide behind screens, I never did that and never will. I do though love expressing myself in words. I have a knack to express my thoughts more clearly in writing then when I try verbally.

I can’t hide in the closet forever. I can’t worry how other people might take my words, or how they will use them. My husband doesn’t read my blog but I do sometimes read him a few post. Does it mean I will be having him more involve… NO. Why? Because this is my blog, this is my “alone time.” He understands that so why should I stop.

So yes dear followers, I will continue this blog. I will still write to my hearts content. I can’t be afraid anymore and I’m done being afraid. I love writing and it seems that writing loves me. I will not lose my passion again.

So I bid you all a good night and I look forward to filling up my blog with more words that come within my heart, mind and soul.

Until Next Time,