Are You a Responsible Pet Owner

I understand out of everyone loves the furry four legged friends. I also understand that sometimes finances can be hard on some folks. But when you take in the responsibility of a pet then you should always make sure they are taken care of.. If you cant then you need to re-home them or taken to an appropriate shelter were they are going to be taken care of.

I say this because one of my mothers neighbors has a dog that is during and suffering, her neighbor doesn’t have the finances to pay to euthanize the poor dog. I finally found a shelter that charges only 10 bucks.

Hopefully she can spare 10 bucks if not I told my mother to tell me and I’ll personally take the dog to be euthanize.

I love animals, I used to have dogs and when I lived on my own I hate a cat. I had to give them up always because my family couldn’t afford them anymore or they died of old age.

I had to re-home the ones I had in the military because back then the military didn’t have a program to foster military animals..

As a married couple we had to re-home our dogs because hubbies family didn’t want dogs in the house or outside. I understand their feeling and respect it. So my husband and I made that difficult decision.

Now we have promised ourselves that we will not own any animals until we own our own property and are more financially stable.

Please I am begging you. If you can’t take care of yourself or your family don’t get pets, they have feelings too..

Until Next Time,

Crickets, Squirrels…. What’s Next

Okay… So either my apartment is turning into some kind of animal center or there is something inside our apartment that is calling in the animals. Sounds creepy I know just keep reading and you’ll find out I’m not going crazy… Or maybe I am… don’t know.

Since sunday my hubby and I have been finding crickets in our home. I know that there are people that say and believe having a cricket is good luck. I can say that in some way I do believe in it too.

What I don’t like about the cricket is when they are making their noise non stop in my home! We ( I actually mean myself) were looking for it for about an hour on sunday and finally we managed to locate it. It was inside the light fixture in our hallway. Trust me we don’t live in a huge place, we are in a one bedroom one bath apartment… maybe 700 sqft. or so…

Since we don’t have a lot of decorations and stuff laying around and we have tiled floors noises tend to echo a lot. So you can imagine the annoyance for us and on top of that I was getting a headache.

Well finally hubby comes and smacks the light fixture and believe it or not I screamed bloody murder and pushed my hubby (or at least tried too) out of the way! Well a cricket came flying out directly towards hubby and landed on the floor behind him.

After him and his best friend stopped making fun of me for being such a “girl” (yes I put it on parenthesis, I usually don’t act that way), they killed the poor cricket.

Well on Monday night we were both sitting in the living room and I happened to look towards the wall. I actually thought I saw a cockroach, when I started to freak out hubby turned and looked and yeap it was another cricket. At least this one wasn’t making any noises. Unfortunately hubby killed it even though I asked if there was a way he could catch it and put it outside.

Then on Tuesday I had the experience of the squirrels which I posted up earlier. I guess now I’m looking forward to which type of animal we will be visited from next.

Until Next Time,

Our Discussion about Animals – Domesticated or Free..

One thing hubby and I sometimes talk about is animals. Yes we love all types of animals but prefer dogs as pets. Now there are different types of thoughts, you have the animal rights, people that are scared of animals and of course people that think of it religiously.

Now I understand that if I try to look at all the views lets say it will become a headache! They all have good reasons as to why an animal should be free. At the same time… An animal ( let’s say a dog ) that has been domesticated for so long; wouldn’t it be cruel to let them roam free?

I believe that an animal that has been domesticated ( again specifically a dog ) , for so many years now would be cruel to let them roam throughout the streets. It’s true that they might be able to survive but then you will have to think about the reproduction of that species. The temperament of the species. Let’s face it anyone that see sees a “pit” automatically gets scared a flees ( which this type of animal has been proven to be less aggressive then other popular dogs )

Let’s face it if we walk into an animal shelter all we see are animals that were once “free” but unfortunately are caged because they are either:
1. Getting into people’s property to try and find shelter and food.
2. Are very aggressive that they are a threat to humankind and other animals out there and will have to be out down.
3. The animal shelters are so packed that they try to foster some of these animals in order to have more room.
4. Most if these animals are not even neutered. Who knows how many times they have had or made little adorable mini-me’s out there.
5. The OWNERS can’t take care of them anymore or did not know how to properly train their pet so now the courts decided to take the animal away from them.

All of these reasons tell me that an animal that has been domesticated for so long does need our help. We are the very cause as to why they are so many out there in the first place ( making them copulate in order to sell their cute puppies ). Or if they are a purebred we want to make some sort if profit.

I guess there are so many thoughts out there and good reasons for both that truthfully I don’t know where my real decision is. All I know is if you choose to have a pet then take care if them,be a proper owner and put in the time to make your pet safe, happy and enjoyable not only for your home but for everyone else they could come in contact with…

Until Next Time,