My Writing, and some new news

I know my writing has not been on here as often. Right now I feel very emotional and when I’m emotional I write things that layer I might regret.

So right now I am using my journal (paper type) to write what I’m feeling. Maybe later on that will be used as an inspiration for my poetry or story.

Life right now for my husband is a roller coaster with work and other issues. He needs me and right now I have to be there even if it’s just to give him a hug.

I am his rock and he is mine, I’m sure all of you can understand that.

There is another platform that I went into and if you wish to follow it email me directly. I will be linking up this blog to that platform but I will also be writing and posting different type of things… I guess you can say it will be more personal than this..

Yeah I know I have put on here some personal articles but trust me it’s not as personal as this one will be.

I have Twitter and I have this, and these two platforms I want it to be focus on writing only. This other one will be featuring my writing of course but also more personal thoughts and maybe some pictures ( not if us though).

So for right now I will be posting not as often but not as like I’m used too. If you want to follow my “personal” platform please email me at and I will send you the link.. Maybe after a few months I’ll put the new link on my contact tab…

Until Next Time,

Would you follow a Blogger

When you find a good blog and they move to a different media platform would you follow?

Personally in the past I wouldn’t. Why? Simple because I was lazy and didn’t want to put the effort to have to join another media website and all that..

This time though I did. Most of you I’m sure know of OM and his very opinionated ways. He was the first blogger that I actually started to follow.

He also was the blogger where I literally ventured to put my blog on one of his meet and greet post. He is the first blogger that I actually dared to comment my own opinion.

Not only did he in a way “pop my virtual cherry” lol but what I liked about his blog is that he would give advice as to how to form a successful blog to get more readers.

I’m not wanting to be a power blogger as he is but I did like the fact that I learned the mistakes that I made in my precious “blog” lives. Without his help articles I have followers that I interact with often.

So yes if the blogger is worth it then I would follow them to their new web home. Once you find someone that not only is a talented writer but helped you get out of your shell further is worth joining a new media platform.

Now I just have to learn how to link this blog to that one and also will be creating new post on there that will not be on here. Who knows maybe my blog will grow a little bit more..

Until Next Time,

Is this Spam or Not?

Okay I think I learned something today about spam. There are some commenters that unfortunately when they have commented it went to spam.

I really am sorry for the one person it did that too. It was a post I did a couple of months ago. As I have mentioned before I do not have a computer I only have an Ipad Mini.

Saying that I have a WP App where I actually create and publish my post. I do have of course some admin tools but not everything. If I want to get everything I have to go to the actual safari website.

The only reason that I don’t like using the safari website is because everything seems to be condensed to the point that I can barely read the print on screen.

I have to zoom in but then I can’t see other “stuff” that I need at the same time. So I limit the amount of times that I go to the full website. Today I went in and I saw that I had spam.. Not a lot, just about 5 and out of those five seems that only 1 was a blogger. I thing the reason that they got put into the spam folder is because of how they made there comment.

They did their own advertising for their blog on mine… Also the web address didn’t seem as it was a regular WP or any type of blogger. When I checked out the website though it did take me to a WP Official blogger page. It seems that the blogger is fairly new. Basically I took him off spam and approved his comment.

If anyone knows about this or if I made a huge mistake meaning that if it goes to spam it is spam please let me know. I just got a lot of likes that seems to be a link to some advertisement webpage in a total different language….

Anywho… anyone that can share their knowledge is welcome to do so please.

Until Next Time,

No Response… Really?? Why so Rude?

I know many of you have jobs, or other responsibilities. You can’t afford to sit in front of your computer, ipad, smartphone etc… all day to check out and respond to your commenters.

What I don’t understand how you put your thought into creating a post and sharing it to the internet world. Then when you get feedback, regardless if it is right away or months if not years later you don’t reply back?

I understand for the bloggers that do not moderate their comments. How would you know if anyone commented unless you go in a check. One thing I am learning is that if you do moderate you receive either emails, texts or notifications on most of your electronical devices. There should not be an excuse

I know I am not the most popular or best blogger out there. I do understand that in the short year and half on this blog I have managed to get approximately 100 plus followers. I know not all of them like, comment or share my post. It is a good feeling to have followers. That feeling even gets better when they decide to comment, like or share my post.

If that is the case I try my best to reply. I am as said before a homemaker. Unless I have errands to run and once my chores are finished I have LITERALLY nothing to do. So yes, I may not be the usual blogger because I try to reply quickly to my followers because I have nothing but TIME. Even then sometimes I do not respond until a few days later and that is because I am either traveling visiting family, vacation or I am sick and do not have the energy to get on the internet.

If you have a blog you have a responsibility to your blog. You have a responsibility to your followers and anyone that actually comes and visits you and comments. They took that effort to not only like your post but to give you words of encouragement, criticism, or their own thoughts. Regardless you should comment with at least a Thank you or something!

If not (and the reason I love WordPress) is that you can disable comments on your post or blog. Like that there is not option for your followers except read and “take” what you give them.

No this isn’t a rant but it is a thought of all the post I am seeing. It seems that a lot of bloggers out there do feel “hurt” or get “annoyed” when they comment and give no response back. I know I have had that experience before.

Just some food for thought and something to think about. I am fairly new here still and have a lot to learn. I am just happy that my manners regardless in person, via phone, email or blogging I try to implement with the same curtsey and respect.

Until Next Time,