On the Hunt for New Blogs to Read

I know that I have been taking breaks on WP. Maybe it’s because of the Holidays… I have noticed that the blogs I am subscribed too don’t post anything up very frequently.

I do hope that they are still able too because I truly miss their writing. Some have express that they will not be posting as usual, others have not said anything… I guess this new year has changes for everyone.

Now that I don’t have as many post to read I am looking for new blogs that interest me… We all need a change at some point right? I will never walk away from the blogs I have now but I am looking forward to the blogs I will start following.

I might not be reading a lot of books now but I sure am reading a lot of blogs. I can’t wait… I guess I should cut this post off short and get to pushing that subscribe button.

If any of you have any blog suggestions please put their link below. I am interested in all type of blogs…

Let the hunt begin!!

Until Next Time,