A New Listing Coming Soon!

So I have started to crochet again! Ya!! Insha’Allah I will be uploading the new blanket soon. I will be putting the shop back on vacation mode due to a holiday. The vacation times will be 6/2/2016 – 6/10/2016
I will still be working on a new blanket so Insha’Allah I’ll be able to load that one up when I get back.
Please share if you can, I am trying to get exposure, I will be uploading finished blankets as quickly as I can. Just remember I take my time with my blankets because this isn’t just a “job” it’s a product made with care for a little angel.

Slow Progress

So I have not been able to crochet since the last time I posted on here. My wrist and thumb Starting hurting, so I have been banned from crocheting. I just barely started today to Crochet. I was only able to do 30 minutes which I usually do 1 hour.

so this is the progress So far.


I am really loving on how it is coming out.

So Insha’Allah I will be able to finish this one this month.

So I gave been working on a few projects. If you have follow me in Instagram.com (@a_loving_wife), I have posted pictures of them.

I won’t be posting a lot on here but I will post up a few before pictires.

Please feel free to follow me on Instagram.com to see all my crafty projects.


That’s two projects. One of them is done, the other is in the works.

Until Next Time,