My Writing Break

I’m back! This couple of days I took off was what I needed! I have recharged my batteries and ready to go!

As I have said before I signed up for a website as a freelance writer. Well a couple of weeks ago I did a second article and it got accepted! I filled out my W-9 form and now I am trying to set up a schedule at home in order for me to actually start submitting more articles.

I will still be writing on WP as much as possible. I am planning on writing as a freelance writer for four hours twice a week. If I see that my articles are being accepted  then I might do it more often. I need to have a minimum of ten dollars to ask for a payment. They only pay through Paypal so I’m not sure if Paypal actually charges. Talking to hubby he agrees with my plan.  I’m not trying to get rich here but I am trying to gain more experience as a writer.

They still have not come back with my evaluations on my two articles. They said that they evaluate articles as they come in. As of right now I am at level 3, as soon as they do my evaluations I am hopeful that it gets raised to a level 4 or 5.

Insha’Allah as I keep getting more experience and my levels keep getting higher; then the articles I submit will have a bigger cashflow. I might even go back to school or at least get courses for writers to maybe grow a career from this. As always this is a hobby for me with the dream of becoming a career… 

I look forward in giving you all more creative post in the future. 

Until Next Time,