Is it my turn?

I softly hear the whisper

I’m scarred that it might pass me

I hold my breath hoping it will stay

I’ve seen it come and seen it go

Is it for me this time
I see the small light

It is getting brighter and closer

The light is becoming blindly 

I seek refuge in what I know the darkness

I reach and see

A ray of light on my trembling hand
Could it be, will it be

I hold my breath again

I hold still as a stone yet again

A little light, a little whisper

A hope that is coming

And hopefully

Will stay

Because of You

You challenge me
You make me sweat
All this time I hate you

You don’t let me give up
You are always on my back
These are times I wish
you’ll disappear

Now that I am on top
Now that I have success
I understand

Your tough love
helped me achieve
dreams that seemed impossible

I hated you for a moment
I wanted you gone in an instant
All the while scared
Praying you wouldn’t leave me

Thank you for pushing me
Thank you for never giving up on me

Because of you
I have all of this
Because of you
I am happy

I will always be eternally grateful