Breaking free – New Story?? Never know

Sweating the hammer slips through my hand again. Breathing heavily I look at the small hole that I have made. 12 years… I can’t believe it, finally I have been able to chip one small pea size hole in of this cold brick wall. Closing my eyes taking a deep breath near the hole. Just like I remembered, a scent of fresh wild flowers that I hope to lay on soon..

Hearing the cackle inside this box tears stream down my face. Please, someone help me. I am trying but 12 years I only have this pea size hole to show for it. I won’t give up, I CAN’T. I need to break free and tell it all….

I rub my hands on the worn pants that are paper thin, pick up the hammer raise it over my head and swing towards the pea size hole again. This time when it strikes, I hope I get it to collapse…

Until Next Time,