Inspirational Awards and I Nominate You

I would like to say that I am again honored by being nominated by another blogger. For someone to chose you, to have put in the time and effort to describe and link your blog to their own tells you that your words matter. I have never thought in a million years that I would have such honor as this in the WP world.

I love reading and love seeing what other bloggers have out there. Everyday I learn something new from each person that I follow. CCChanel41 is a new blogger that I started to follow a couple weeks (not sure if its been more sorry) ago. I had no idea what DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder also known as MPD) was. Thank you very much CChanel41 for the nomination as well as having a blog that is not only informative in so many ways but also inspires me in so many more.

As all nominations or tags are concern ( lol what do I know right?) there are rules. Of course we aren’t in school and you follow the rules as you see fit ( Lets live on the wild side and break a few!). Aside from the rules of course you have to pick people (great way to meet new people and get to know them if your shy!!). So below I will list the rules then do what I need to do to comply with the award and then list my own nominees…


1. Thank the person that nominated you and give a link to their blog (common sense right? 🙂 )

2. List the rules & display the award on your blog ( done and will be done lol)

3. Share seven (7) facts about yourself (hmmm… thats going to be hard for me I’m boring!)

4. Nominate up to fifteen (15) blogs that inspire you, on your blog ( don’t forget their link)

5. Let them know that you nominated

Well now to see if I can post up the picture I hope this works lol ( I’m still learning so stop rolling your eyes if I get it wrong lol )…


Now seven (7) things about me…. hmm… Sorry if I repeat from other post but here goes…

1. A couple of years ago (maybe 5 or 6) I got my inspiration to write again because of hubby and his friend support.

2. I am writing a book (Shadow Voices) and I still don’t know if I want to publish it through an ebook website or traditional publish house.

3. I’m bad at punctuation, grammar and run on sentences (but you have already figured that out right?)

4. I love my family (to include my in-laws!) and will defend them even if I have to go to Hell.

5. I LOVE my husband, he is my KING, I never thought that I would be able to love someone so unconditionally as I do him.

6. I am a Veteran. Yes I served my country for 8 years and then served 2 more as a federal Marine Civilian.

7. I enjoy writing and posting on WP, I love the community of support and friendly people. In a way this is a form of therapy I use to push all those negative thoughts that are in my mind day in and day out.

Sooo….. Hopefully I haven’t pushed or bored you click the unfollow button lol.. So now that you know a bit about me lets see if we get to know a little bit more about the bloggers that have not only inspired me, taught me more about WP and are very enjoyable to read.

1. Coffee with Noor She has a beautiful way of showing imagery in the poetry she writes. I love reading her post daily.

2. OM a man that speaks his mind and loves debating. Check him out also in learning how gain more followers and how to navigate on WP (especially if your a novice like me!).

Hopefully you take a look at their great blogs, I’m sure you will look forward to reading their post as much as I do.

Until Next Time

Inspiration Comes from Within

Today is going to be a very different post. Its not about my progress or life its about something that has taken me so many years to find.

My Inspiration.

When I was younger I loved writing and drawing. I was good at it too. Of course my parents didn’t have the funds to buy the products like drawing paper, drawing pencils or journals to write in. What I did have though was a lot of imagination and used my regular line paper to put my creativity to work. Of course if you look at one of my tabs I talk a little bit about how I lost some of my work and why I stop writing. I also talk about who encouraged me to start.

Well since then it has been about 5 years. I started writing a story and stopped for a while. Then the writing was on and off. Recently though it seems that my flow of writing has been coming to me more frequently. I feel as if my characters come into my mind and they are the ones writing not me. Some of you might think that I am crazy but for others might have that feeling or know what I am talking about. I truly believe though that in the end there has to be inspiration coming from somewhere, call it a muse, person, emotion, painting and etc.

I can say that for the past couple of days since I have been editing my story and writing more of it I keep thinking of my inspiration. Where is it coming from, what is the thing that is motivating to keep writing. The one thing other then the character’s in head making my fingers itching to get my keyboard or grab a pen and write whats comes in my head..

The more I think about it the more confident I am to what my true inspiration is. Simple LOVE, Love is my inspiration and its not the love to write how most people might believe. The inspiration that is coming from the emotion love is my husband. My family love is constant, is always there. The love of my husband is not only constant but grows to a dependency that makes me feel lost and alone when we are upset at each other. That is where I have noticed something very weird… ready….

When we are happy go lucky I tend to write off my a@s! But when we are upset at one another I tend to stop writing, I find myself with writers block. I never thought that being in love could be a form on inspiration of anything. Even though my husband does not like me reading my book because he says it is to gory for him (he is a bit nervous that I have such violent and horrific ideas in my head), he supports me and pushes me to write.

So for you that have so many outlets to find inspirations I salute you, because before my own realization I didn’t understand when people talked about their different inspiration they have. Now I understand, now I can say that I have found my inspiration and will never let it go.

Until Next Time,