My iPad Rant!

So I’m sorry to say that my iPad is out of Commission for now.. I was trying to update it and well now it is saying I need to plug it in a computer..

I really don’t understand as to why since I’ve updated it before and didn’t have that problem..

I’m pissed because that is my “laptop” for me. That little screwed up device is what I use for our finances, writing my stories and posting on here.

Right now I am using my iPhone which I hate! My fingers are cramping and my damn fingers are too chubby and I keep entering the wrong letter so I have to keep deleting the word.

So if I don’t post anything right now it’s not because I don’t choose too, it’s because I can’t!

Who knows maybe this is a blessing in disguise.

Until Next Time,

Rant – WP App and iPad Mini, You are Starting to Suck!

Okay, I know that I’m on a “break” but today it seems that my mind doesn’t want to “turn off” and my fingers keeping itching to type.

Its like like what I am posting has anything to do with new creative pieces.. What can you do right? When you mind says write then you shall obey..

The only thing that sucks is that I’m sick and tired of my IPad mini and the WP App. It keeps freezing when I am reading other blogs, when I try to comment or yes even follow! I have pressed on so many follow buttons and when I try to go to my reader feed of the blogs I follow they aren’t there!!

I can’t wait until I get my laptop!! Hopefully all of these freezing occurrences will diminish!

So there that is my rant for tonight…

Until Next Time,