A Candle stands alone

A candle stands alone, vigilant at keeping the darkness at bay. There is a small hope a spark of love that is shining through for you to see. Don’t work on the darkness but cast it away with all of your might. Work on reaching that candle the one that stands alone.

Grasp it and never let it go, let its warmth sooth your troubled soul. Let the light from it blind you and help you banish the darkness from you. This candle stands alone, it is yours to keep, never lose hope.

It’s a whisper of hope, a cry of victory that will give you peace. Let the peacefulness of its stillness sooth our anguish and pain. A candle stands alone, through all the darkness around it, it stands vigilant to its role.

This candle stands alone, its yours to keep. Let it help you, sooth you and give you the strength you need.
Until Next time,

Liza K

You are my Hero, the one I look up to the image of what I want to become…

You are the one I look up to and I see the image of what I want to become. You have lived a hard life, battling family, strangers, hunger, pain and discrimination. That didn’t stop you from fighting back, to stand up to what you believe in. Protecting the young, standing in front of someone that cannot fight back.

You are my hero, the one I look up to the imagine of what I want to become. If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t know how to be a decent human being. Your leadership is an example many should try to implement, it is horrigying how many opt for hatered and division. You though, you stand alone even though your surrounded. 

You are my hero, the one I look up to the image of what I want to become. Even though some fights you fell you managed to get back up and keep fighting. Even though your spirit would falter you wouldn’t let it break. You knew that fighting for good could get you killed, banned, and mocked. You stand here tall with pride and with unwavering faith.

You are my hero, the one I look up to the image of what I want to become. I have just started my life but seeing your example I try to follow your footsteps. I am proud to be called one of your one, to stand against evil and to be a warrior of God. Many will falter, will change their convictions and run to become the weak. 

I give you my word of honor that I will not falter, I have been tested and there will be more. I will stand as tall as the sky and wide as the oceans. I will be unrelenting, I will be the force that protects the weak, the victims and yes even the cowards. I will forever be the warrior of God as I have always been and if my life is forfieted then I will relenquish it if I know that the innocent are protected.

We are a few but we are a force that will not let hate or evil keep winning. This is my revolution this is my war I will stand and fight,, I will stand as my hero before me did.

You are my hero, the one I look up to the image of what I want to become.
Until Next Time,


A lost Whisper

How can I express my outrage
How can I let this anger flow
The loss of life saddens me
It’s so precious

What can I do to make a difference
What can I say “let them be!”
Defending the weak is not for many

I want peace
I want happiness
I want a world
Yes, the cliche

Peace and love

I can’t have that
Innocent lives are lost
How do I help them
How do I save them

A lost whisper in all of this hate
A ray of hope that many can’t see

Destruction is the mission
Death is the outcome

My outrage
My anger
Means nothing
But words, that to this world
Just fade away


We all play games
Some are to learn
Some are to cause pain
and others cause deaths

Games are for the weak
for the ones that are cowards
for the ones that need to hide

I have game
come and play it with me
Its called happiness
Its called acceptance
Its called Love

It gives you a high
It gets you to laugh

This is my game
this is the game
I love to play

Because of You

You challenge me
You make me sweat
All this time I hate you

You don’t let me give up
You are always on my back
These are times I wish
you’ll disappear

Now that I am on top
Now that I have success
I understand

Your tough love
helped me achieve
dreams that seemed impossible

I hated you for a moment
I wanted you gone in an instant
All the while scared
Praying you wouldn’t leave me

Thank you for pushing me
Thank you for never giving up on me

Because of you
I have all of this
Because of you
I am happy

I will always be eternally grateful

Breaking Free

You sit there and hurt me
Your words are unfiltered
You hide behind all these issues

You demand attention
You are never satisfied
How much longer
Will your selfishness stay

I tried giving you everything
I changed my plans
Canceled my events

I can no longer stay
In your web of destruction

I need release
I need peace
You choose not to listen
You choose not to understand

I choose freedom
I choose happiness

I choose to break free from you
From your constant demands
From your heartless comments
From the constant knives
thrown at my heart

I choose freedom
away from your destructive actions
I choose happiness
away from your sharpen knives

Away from you
Away from your hell

I choose Peace

Why am I Cold

I’m shivering
My bones are aching
My next breath becomes a gasp

My flesh has become cold
My flesh is pasty
How can I make these goosebumps
go away

My body is rigid
My skin is taunt
My eyes do not shine

Its so cold
I can’t move or scream
My mind has stop thinking

Slowly I drift away
I see my body
Slowly being lowered

Where do I go
Where is the light
Will I always just


I’ve stand alone
I’ve needed no one
I’ve been rejected
many times

Here I stand
Here I will stay
I will not bend nor be broken

I will succeed
I will survive
Throw your worst at me

I was inprisioned
I was beaten
but here I stand

Do you worst
break my bones

I will stand
I will never break
I wont bend

I am the one
The Chosen

That will bring you to your knees

Until Next Time,

Fake Justice – 1996

Justice is done
Justice is fun
They say “run!”

We accuse
We demand
We see are view
We don’t see theirs

She’s accused
I’m accused
for something rude

It’s not our fault
to be accused
The innocent
which have done no harm

So accuse me and not her
And you could say
Justice is done

Until Next time,

Breaking free – New Story?? Never know

Sweating the hammer slips through my hand again. Breathing heavily I look at the small hole that I have made. 12 years… I can’t believe it, finally I have been able to chip one small pea size hole in of this cold brick wall. Closing my eyes taking a deep breath near the hole. Just like I remembered, a scent of fresh wild flowers that I hope to lay on soon..

Hearing the cackle inside this box tears stream down my face. Please, someone help me. I am trying but 12 years I only have this pea size hole to show for it. I won’t give up, I CAN’T. I need to break free and tell it all….

I rub my hands on the worn pants that are paper thin, pick up the hammer raise it over my head and swing towards the pea size hole again. This time when it strikes, I hope I get it to collapse…

Until Next Time,