My Expression of Love

Do you know how much I love you
Can you see my devotion leaping from my eyes
Feel my burning love everytime I touch you

My world has focus with you in it
Each breath I take near you keeps me alive with joy
Your smile gives me warmth and brightens up my day

Your words are wisdom that helps me plan the future

I love you do you know that
I can’t live without
My heart feels enormous when you undress me with your eyes

Do you realize I’ll follow you to the end of this earth

You my beloved
You are my heart
You I love even in death

Six Years of Marriage, Seven of Dating & Eight of knowing of each other

My love,

From the moment that I knew of you to the moment I met you to the day that I married you and to this present day. All I can say is that I love you more each passing day.

With all of our struggles and all of our tears we have made it through all these years. My forever rock my teamate my partner. No matter what life brings we will see them through side by side.

For all of our teasing, the giggling and laughter we share, there is noone that i would rather share my laughter than with you. Even though your pranks may cause a annoying spark it always becomes a spark of laughter that has tears running down our faces and pain shooting on our sides.

I knew of you, I met you and then I married you. I Waited 28 years to meet my soulmate, my other half. Yes, you my lovely husband my King;  only you can make me feel conplete.

Six years of marriage, seven years of dating and 8 of knowing of each other. Some might not know our full story but our love has shined and grown and can be seen by all.

My love, my King  mí vida y esperanza, I write to you to thank you for being by my side and giving my your love. May Allah (SWT) grant us to be together until we are covered in wrinkles and still be full of love and zest for life as we are now.

Allah (SWT) has granted us these years of matrimonial bliss. This year he blessed us to go on a anniversary vacation. This has been longed for since we couldn’t have a honeymoon nor go on an actual vacation. This year marks a passage of blessings that Insha’Allah will keep coming for us.

With all of My Love,

Your Loving Wife

Why Do You Love Me?

Why do you love me?

Why have you shown me this beautiful feeling

I yearn to be love only by you
Do you realize I’m head ocer heels for you

Do you know that you own my beating heart

I put my trust into your hands

Love me as I love you
Your tender touch makes me ache for more

Your lips make me quiver in need

Why do you love me

Do you realize you have brought me to my knees
I am yours to do as you will

I am your toy to play with

I am your forever


Our Pleasure

leaning over I kiss you softly nibbling on your thick lips

I press closer to your soft warm skin and feel the deire spread throughout my body

I can smell your sweet aroma and I need to lick your glistening body
Hearing your soft moan I know your pleasure is being met

Seeing you move urgently wanting release I slow our bodies 

I want to feel this desire, this urge of pleasure to last a lifetime
Your body, your touch, your smell

An addiction that I can’t live without

Oh how I yearn for the night to come
How I yearn for us to go to our pleasure palace

How I yearn for us to become one

I yearn for you, for your never ending love

To My Mother

You carried me for nine months.You prayed for me for seven years. You always had hope, That one day I would arrive
You taught me how to love, smile and hug. You taught me how to think, rationalize and live. You were and still are my first teacher of life
My Bestfriend, guidance counselor, my rock. Through my childhood you stood beside me. Through my single years you stood with me. Through my pain you gave me comfort. 

Now in my married years you stand beside me. You give me your wisdom and experience of your success as to help me with mine. 

My rock, the one that always has the right words. I Love you Mom

Without you I wouldn’t be who I am

One day doesn’t justify the years of sacrifice and love that you have and continue to give. No words can explain the love and appreciation I have for you.

So I say humbly

Thank you Mamie, I love you Mamie Insha’Allah I have many more years to show you how much I appreciate you.
Happy Mothers Day

To my Tio Paco, I will Miss You

Today is a sad day… A few hours ago I got a call from my mother. She and dad were at my uncles place…

They got news that my uncle that lives in Guatemala died in his sleep… This is hard for me because I grew up with my Tío Paco. He came to the states when I was young.

I used to get so confused because he would look to me like my father. So I would call him daddy too. He left when I was about 7 years old and I cried my heart out. 

Out of all my uncles he is the one that accepted my mother and my sisters and me without judgment or scorn. He loved us and was our playmate when he was with us.

On Christmas I talked to him telling him he should come back here. If not I would try to go see him so he could meet my husband. We both were excited at the idea, how i haré that we will never get that chance. 

At least I can find comfort that I talked to him and told him that I loved him.

Insha’Allah he doesn’t know any pain and may he be in Paradise with my other uncle, his older brother that I never met.

Tio Paco

Mi amigo

Mi chinito

Mi Budda

Como extraño tu sonrisa 

Tu ternura

Mi tío 

Un ángel 

Que regreso a paraíso 

Volando en el cielo

Tío Paquito

Mi chinito

Te quiero

Te extraño

Pero siempre estarás 

En este corazón


I love you and will miss you. My heart aches but I know your in a better place…

Little Bundle of Joy

Little bundle of joy

Do you realize what I went through

Little bundle of joy

I am walking through Hell

Just to have you with me

Little bundle of joy

How much I love you

I’m sorry I can’t get you faster

I’m sorry my body is broken

Little bundle of joy

Know that mommy and daddy loves you

Know that even though your not here

Our desire will keep us working hard

For one day

Hopefully soon

We can have you in our

Loving arms

Is the Spark still there

I have heard many people talk about marriage and how after a certain amount of time they don’t have that “spark” that they started with. Which then they say leads them to be unhappy in their marriage. They stay together but then live a different life.

I don’t understand that… How can you lose the “spark”? One of my friends once told me that after 7 years of her marriage she loved her husband but it felt more “routine.” I ask her to explain and she said, the “I Love You” started to be said less, all that texting at night and day is now once a week or when one or the other needs something.

Another friend told me he loved his wife but that he needed his “guy” time. I asked what was “guy” time. His time was being away from a “nagging” wife, she always wanted him to do things around the house. If he sat down to watch the game she would come and tell him to play with the kids. He wanted to just be able to come home and relax. Not to worry about “chores” or the kids.. If they wanted to go out his wife would make a big deal on who took care of the kids.

Talking to another couple of friends they kind of understood the other two. I even understood them. After a day at work you just want to come home and not have to worry about doing anything. What I couldn’t understand is how all of them said the same thing.. They lost that “spark.”

Well hubby and I just hit our fifth year and I can say we still have the “spark.” After we got married we went to visit my parents. Talking to them they gave us one advice. Don’t lose the “spark”!! What! I asked them if they could explain. Have they lost theirs?

No came their reply, we haven’t lost it  because when you truly love someone you will always make sure you put them first. They told us that whatever feeling we were feeling when we looked at each, then thats the feeling we should work on keeping and try to make it grow.

I can say my husband and I have heard people tell us.. You can work on your marriage during the weekend or you still need to get your time alone with friends. If you guys take separate vacations you will miss each other more so your love will stay.

Now I know these are all well intended advice but some of these people are either singled, divorced or going through a divorce. Some are not happy with their spouse but stay together because “its just not done” or they use the children as an excuse.

All I can say is that every marriage is different, not everyone wants the same thing in a marriage. Some want money, others want to be taken care of, and some just go into it as a business.

What I do know that in my marriage we Love doing things together. We had our single years and went out with our friends, drank, partied and went out with people. We also paid our own bills and knew that by the time we met we were ready to enjoy and share our individual lives together.

The times we spent apart we hated it! We couldn’t sleep and we were texting and talking to each other most of the night.

I guess what I am trying to say is that you can listen to other peoples advice but in the end its what you both want that truly counts. Each side of the family says two different things, friends suggest opinions and then lets not get into books, internet and all that stuff.

If you love each other then make sure when you make this commitment you both have talked about what you want from the marriage, not financially or kids but talk about how you both want to have a lasting marriage.

Until Next Time,


I Love You, You will be Missed!

This post is dedicated to my second Mother. She was my mother while I was in the military. When I couldn’t go home her and her family took me in as one of their own.

She comforted me, counseled me and showed me love, This woman touched my heart and soul and my only regret now is that I didn’t keep in touch with her or her family.

The day before New Years she passed away, she was battling some medical issues. Finally Allah (SWT) called one of his Angels in order for her to be at peace and not have any more pain.

I Love you Mrs. B.T. You will always be in my heart. I am so sorry that I cannot go to your funeral, I am sorry that I never called you mom through out those years. I’m sorry I didn’t keep in touch.

I hope now you see in my heart and know that I have never forgotten you and your family. I love all of you and I will be eternally grateful for all the love and kindness you all gave me.

Insha’Allah you are in Paradise singing in Allah (SWT) choir with that beautiful voice that you have. I miss it plenty.

I Love You Mom and I Miss You!

Unitl Next Time,


Married but single

What does marriage mean?

My definition may not be like everyone else’s, but of course I don’t the “typical” parents. My parents defied their family. For one my father’s family didn’t want him being with my mother. My mother’s family didn’t want her being with my father because of my fathers family lies. Two different family backgrounds financially, support system, siblings and also the belief of religion.

My upbringing compared to my parents was very “liberal”. I was raised to believe to accept anyone and respect everyone. To not look at financial status or social status to befriend someone. To accept a person for who they are on the inside not on what they can do for me or look outside.

When it comes to love my parents told us to look at a man’s character not his social or financial value. To be certain he believed in God, to make sure that he was a family man. That he was loyal and a hard worker. We shouldn’t look at his race, looks, money, or any material possessions he can have.

I am starting to believe that I might be a rare form of human specimen. Why? Do you ask. Its simple, I see most people getting or wanting to get married and the first thing they look at is the social class or financial standing of a person to see if they are “compatible”. They expect to be given but not to give. There is no compromising, and people wish to keep having their own individual “lives” instead of combining them.

When did marriage become a commodity? When did marriage become another way of living a single life but having sex with only one person? When did marriage become a damn contract?!

When did marriage become a thought of “if it doesn’t work out we can always get a divorce”. Or “I still want my dreams but don’t care about yours”.

Whats wrong with society? What are we teaching our children? Its okay to marry but you have to look at the monetary value of what the other person is bringing in? Its okay to be selfish, un-compromising spoiled brat?

When did it become okay to think (women in this instance), “my money is mine but his money is mine”. How the hell does that work! Keeping two separate accounts because you don’t want him getting your money but he still has to dish out the money for the living, vacation and luxioures gift expenses.

Sorry but marriage is sacred, its a union and commitment to each other, a bind that no one can interfere with. Marriage is between two people and the rest of the family become part of the background. You both have to figure out what you want in the future in order for BOTH of you to accomplish it. Call me old fashion or as I said before I’m that “rare specimen” that truly believes love will conquer all. Without love in a marriage you don’t have respect, trust, communication, dreams. Your always clashing with each other because you both want separate things.

I’m sure I wrote about this before in a different type of way. So if I’m boring you sorry, but seriously I am tired of seeing people take the “easy” way out. When I hear people talk about marriage like a negotiation of some sort it really pisses me off. Hopefully the future generation learns from this generation and come back to the realization that Love is one of the primary KEY in making a marriage last long.

Until Next Time,