Hubbies suggestion…. hmm….

So my hubby is so proud of me having this blog that he LOVES telling people about it (not only that I am a house wife) lol. I really am glad though that he doesn’t have my blog address memorized because he might give it to them lol.

Well one of his co-workers actually told him that his wife used to do that when she stayed at home. His co-worker also told him that after awhile she started to get jobs as a freelancer writer… So my hubby got really excited and when he came home told me about it.

He really loves that I am writing and he sees that I love writing on here too. He actually told me that it might be something that I should look into. Well I can’t say that earning some extra cash doing something I love really gets me excited. I mean I loved my career in the military and civilian life and if I wouldn’t be married to my husband most likely I would still be working and I wouldn’t be on here.

Don’t get me wrong I love being a housewife, it is one more challenge that I have in my life and I will make sure that I succeed. But if there could be a chance that I might get paid…hmm….not a bad deal right ? lol

I can say just like I told my hubby that this is a great idea but right now I just want to focus on my writing and see if I finally finish my Shadow Voices book. After that who knows… I might have to think about it… I really doubt it though since I have no degree (of any kind) or working writing experience. I doubt anyone would accept my blog as part of my “working” experience.

So I guess for now I will keep my blog and my writing free lol, maybe one day I will think about it. I love Translating but again I don’t have any formal educational or on the job experience.

I love the fact that my husband is proud of my writing and who knows what the future holds…

Until Next Time,