Chapel Hill, I am OUTRAGE why aren’t You!

Isn’t it funny… A huge tragedy has occurred but not one person that I subscribed to has mention…

Funny how things work, everyone mentioned About “I’m not Charlie” and went on a verbal assault about a religion and shariah law etc…

But no one has mentioned the thre NYC shooting in Chaple Hill.. Everyone is writing it off as if it was a disgruntled white man fighting over a parking space.

His ex-wife is on the spot light and she says “they were in the wrong place and wrong time.” Really!! They were in the privacy of their on home! How in the HELL is that the wrong time or wrong place!

This is what the world is coming too, three lovely people two of which were NEWLYWEDS, how can society as a whole just keep going on with out a cry for outrage!

Here is my Cry! Here is my OUTRAGE!
If you are willingly to blog about people being massacred by TERRORIST then speak out for all!

No human life is better then the other.. Does anyone realized that one of the officers that died in Paris was a MUSLIM himself! Of course not because they would mean that the Portrayal of terrorist that they planted in your heads is wrong!

Let’s see who are the ones that truly stand up for freedom! Let’s see who stands up for justice!

I know I stand for it, I did as a child and I’ll stand tall as an adult!

Judge me if you like but if you preach then PREACH for ALL injustices not just the ones that are “common”..


Until Next Time,