Shameful Inhumanity

In the news the past few days: • Fire at California Mosque was Intentionally Set in Possible Hate Crime (NBC News 12-11-2015) • Two Muslim Women Attacked in Tampa (The Express Tribune 12-12-2015) • Pig’s Head Left at Philadelphia Mosque (CNN 12-09-2015) • Armed “Patriots” Turn Protests Toward Muslim Americans (Associated Press 12-11-2015) • The […]

It’s Time to Act!

I’m so conflicted, angry, sad and very disappointed with society. All this week it seems like most blogs I am currently subscribe too want to voice outrage about these terrorist attacks.

I can understand and feel those same emotions myself. What I don’t understand is how people are putting ALL MUSLIMS in that terrorist category..

I thought we were a society of evolutionists that didn’t eat up what the media gave us all the time..

What happen with doing research talking to your local mosque to learn the real teachings of Islam. Meet Muslims and see how involved they are in giving charity, and trying to help their communities.

I’m also frustrated at MUSLIMS! They are keeping quiet! Yes we are being prosecuted and there have also been MANY attacks on US Muslims in the US and around the world because of these damn Terrorist! And the media has not put those events on television either!

It’s time for us to speak up! To show society that Most of us are not what we are being portrayed to be.

I for one am a revert to Islam, if you read my bio it states it there. I spend about 7 to 10 years with out believing in God or a religion. The few that I studied didn’t make sense to me. Either they viewed others as sinners if they didn’t believe or practice as they did. Others actually new that you couldn’t judge another person and accept a person for who they are, they truly studied God’s words and lived by them. None made me feel like Islam does.

Yes Islam is a very structured religion:

1. We have to pray 5 times a day EVERYDAY

2. We are suppose to wear modest clothes ( and even that is varied by each individual Muslim)

3. We are to eat meat that is Halal ( prayed over and killed in a specific manner). There are even some meats that are forbidden to eat.

4. We are to give Zakat ( 10% ) of your income yearly to help those in needs.

5. We are to do RAMADAN (Fast) for a month and that is for a spiritual cleansing and to help understand others that don’t have we have.

Those are the FUNDAMENTALS but there are others rules in the QURAN not the Shariah Law that we are to follow.

We Muslim’s lets get away from our niche communities and truly involve ourselves in our Non-Muslims communities. The Quran says that we accept others to be accepted as well.

Maybe if we start showing society that we as a Whole are a peaceful religion these terrorist will not have the power to hijack our religion anymore. Maybe society will stop being in a tunnel vision and our governments will be able to target TERRORIST.

I’m sorry for the lives that are being lost. I’m sorry for children that are growing up to become monsters and have no chance in truly knowing ALLAH (SWT) and all of his glory.

I’m sorry that my children will be born and be prosecuted by ignorance and stupidity. I’m sorry that they will live in a Free nation but not know Freedom!

Until Next Time,