Writing Progress

Hello Everyone!!

Okay so I have not updated on here recently. As you already know I am writing my story on Nanowrimo. I have had a lot of progress, meaning I have written more often so the flow seems like it is back. Of course I hope that everyone is like the story and were it is going. I am still learning how to use the nanowrimo but of course I am just focusing now with the writing.

I can say that I truly I am not worrying a lot about editing (yes I am!!), I am focusing more on just keeping the flow. Hopefully by the end of the nanowrimo I hopefully have finished with the story. If it keeps going then I guess I will keep going.

Well, this post is mostly to let everyone know that I’m still ALIVE!! I am just writing and of course dealing with life issues that happen everyday. I can say though I love writing and I can’t believe I stopped!! I don’t know if I’m good I just hope it is entertaining someone.

Well my break is over. I have to start writing again. Look forward to having a snippet of Shadow Vocies Chapter VI being posted in a couple of days if not by COB today.