Are You a Responsible Pet Owner

I understand out of everyone loves the furry four legged friends. I also understand that sometimes finances can be hard on some folks. But when you take in the responsibility of a pet then you should always make sure they are taken care of.. If you cant then you need to re-home them or taken to an appropriate shelter were they are going to be taken care of.

I say this because one of my mothers neighbors has a dog that is during and suffering, her neighbor doesn’t have the finances to pay to euthanize the poor dog. I finally found a shelter that charges only 10 bucks.

Hopefully she can spare 10 bucks if not I told my mother to tell me and I’ll personally take the dog to be euthanize.

I love animals, I used to have dogs and when I lived on my own I hate a cat. I had to give them up always because my family couldn’t afford them anymore or they died of old age.

I had to re-home the ones I had in the military because back then the military didn’t have a program to foster military animals..

As a married couple we had to re-home our dogs because hubbies family didn’t want dogs in the house or outside. I understand their feeling and respect it. So my husband and I made that difficult decision.

Now we have promised ourselves that we will not own any animals until we own our own property and are more financially stable.

Please I am begging you. If you can’t take care of yourself or your family don’t get pets, they have feelings too..

Until Next Time,