Sleepless Night

Here I am laying awake

The moon so bright the night is clear

You beside me sleeping peacefully

Relaxing and smiling in your dreams 

How I envy your sleep

I’m here sitting in this bed

Wishing on a star

Counting the sheep

To see if sleep will come
One night, two nights and now the third

A sleepless night when will they end

I want to just lay down

Close my weary eyes

And slumber and dream

Of beautiful dreams


I see your shadow

I feel your darkness

It sends shivers of fear

I know your there

Just an inch away

Ready to pounce in me

Your darken shadow

Wants to engulf me

I feel your shadow

I know your there

Fear grips me and I can’t breath

I can turn the light on

And be safe for a moment

But in the end

When I turn them off

When I shut my eyes

Your darken shadow is there

Ready to pounce 

To engulf me

In the darkness you live in

Words can..

Words can harm you

Words can uplift you

Words are a powerful ally
Words can demean you

Words can be used against you

Words could invite rumors

Words can ve cruel
Words are words

Lets be real and create 

words of harmony

Words for the soul

Words for the heart
Lets be real and lets create

Lets use are words unite

To become a shout

And bring some light

In this world of Despair

Let Hope and Faith Overcome You

You are a light that shines

How can you let blackness overcome you

Your hope and faith is all you need

Overcoming your shadows is a struggle
Blackness creeps inside your heart and mind

Past wounds reopen and oozes in them

Its a struggle to close but you can do it

Don’t let these shadows and pain overcome you
Look at the light that shines through your darkness

Can’t you feel the warms seeping into you

Use your hope and faith and let it heal these wounds
This light shines brighter as you let it overcome you

Your shadows and darkness shrinks submitting to it

Let the wounds heal and feel the warmth of your light

The light of hope and faith that will always overcome

The darkness and shadows that you might have

Searching for….

I’m searching

I’m looking

I can’t stop the urge
It’s in me

I can’t control it

I feel the fire spreading
When will it end

I don’t know

How can I wash it out

I don’t think I want to
I’m searching

I’m looking

For something


An urge I can’t stop

A feeling that I can’t understand
When will this stop

Do I want it to stop

One day I hope

My searching will come

To a final end

Recycle to Save Mother Earth

Paper, plastic and glass

Recycle is the way to go

Let’s save mother earth

Let me saying it again

Recycle is the way to go

Can’t you see

with your carelessness

You helping

In destroying mother earth

Paper, plastic and glass

Three bins its easy you see

Lets save mother earth

Lets save each other

Recycle is the way to go

Little Bundle of Joy

Little bundle of joy

Do you realize what I went through

Little bundle of joy

I am walking through Hell

Just to have you with me

Little bundle of joy

How much I love you

I’m sorry I can’t get you faster

I’m sorry my body is broken

Little bundle of joy

Know that mommy and daddy loves you

Know that even though your not here

Our desire will keep us working hard

For one day

Hopefully soon

We can have you in our

Loving arms

Rumors to Hell

A Whisper is started

Doubt is planted

hostility will come

Hearsay is common

Rumors get started

Relationships get torn apart

We are snakes

disguised in Human flesh

We are devils

Disguised as believers

Oh when will we stop this insanity

When will we unite and truly

help one another

To the hells fire we will go

Again and again

Until one day

We learn

To truly

give a helping hand