Too much Pain

To much information

seeping into my head

Oh how heavy this is

My head pounds with pain

The brain sloshes back and forth

My skull is wanting to crack

Too much for this mind of minds

Too much to handle

I need release 

I need to download

My mind has become numb

My brain is throbbing

sloshing back and forth

waiting and counting

Praying for release

Too much information

Too much pain

I’ll rack the skull 

smush the brain

Ahhh finally 

release from 

All the pain

Love in Ten Sentences

Now I have been selected to complete a challenge!! That is so cool! I have never entered any challenge on WP or anywhere else when if comes to writitng. I’m really excited and nervous about this one. Thank You  Ritu for giving me this challenge. 

So here is what I need to do:

Write a poem about love and title it “Love in Ten Sentences.”

It must be 10 lines, each 4 words long

Every line must contain the word “love”

At the end of the poem, you must include a favorite quote about love

Then challenge fifteen other bloggers.

My Love Poem

Cherish him with Love

Talk to him with Love

Show him your Love

Freedom comes with Love

Love always breaks oppression 

Love always conquers evil

Love is in our hearts

Give Love when talking

Give love when cooking

Love creates our children  


“Amor es como un pajarro, dejalo ser libre, dejalo volar. el amor no tiene barreras ni cadenas. Amor puro siempre esta en ti”

English translation:

Love is like a bird, let it be free and let it fly. Love doesn’t have barriers or chains. Pur love will always be in you.

This saying comes from my mother. I don’t know if she got it from anyone else but this has always stuck with me. Love is something that is given freely and can’t be contained by anyone. We all have Love inside of us it’s just up to us if we choose to recognize it or not..

So now I’m suppose to give this challenge to 15 other bloggers… Well as I stated before I love all of my blogs I’m subscribe to and most are creative writing blogs. It would be unfair for me to try and choose any of you and leave some out. 

I challenge ALL OF YOU and hope you guys find it enjoyable to do!

Until Next Time,


Do You Truly Know Yourself

Do you truly know yourself

When you see your face in the mirror

Are you happy and proud on what you see

Do you truly know yourself

You care for others

You give your time

Day in and out

The result is the same

You wake up and look in the mirror

At night you look in the mirror

You see your reflextion at the window 

while getting your coffee

Tell my do you

Truly know yourself

Are you happy and proud

Do you enjoy and look forward 

To your day

Tell me 

Do you Truly know yourself

Or are you just a puppet

At the whims of social 

and popular



Waiting here for you

Waiting for someone

Waiting and unsure

Will this truly happen

Doubts spread in my mind

Goosebumps spread through out my body

Butterflies overflowing my stomach

Confused how this feeling over powers me

I’m here waiting

I’m here expecting

I’m here being patient

When you come

If you come

stand before

will I be here



Listen, It’s not Hard

Breath in

Breath out

Slowly straighten up

A couple more

Shut your eyes

Clear your mind

Try and stay still

Just a few minutes

Hold on

Feel the pull

Feel the warmth

Floating and the feeling of peace

Ahh how wonderful

Control your breath

Clear your mind

Listen don’t strain to hard

It’s easy

God listens

And he answers

Don’t you feel him

Don’t you hear him

His always here

He is always carrying you

Have faith

Words are Powerful

Words have power

Words are influential

Words are expressive

And have consequences 

Don’t be Nice

Don’t follow society rules

Just watch the words

That come through 

Your mouth 

Words aren’t sticks

When they hurt 

They stick around

And nothing you say

Could ever change

The way I lost respect

To a person that clearly

Just doesn’t care

A Struggle of Two not of One

With greatness

Comes sacrifice

With happiness

Comes love

We dedicate ourselves to our passions 

We commit ourselves to our lives

Not knowing if one day

Our dreams will be achieved



And desire

Drives us to walk the paths we do

Not knowing if one day

Our dreams will come true

I dedicate myself to be a wife

I have waitedto be a mother

I work at my new passion 

Success will be for me

I will always shine

Because greatness

And scrafices

Are a thing that we as a team

Can accomplish