Drama is not for this blog

Its so funny how some people think that I use my WP blog, facebook and twitter to hide behind.

If I have drama at home it stays at home. That I might mention a general thought on here yes I have on occasion done that. Have I put names or described the person NO.

Its just really funny how some people think that when I post anything up in my social media they believe that post is about them. I’m sorry but clearly they do not know me very well.

If I want to complain and whine I do that in my personal journal I have at home. Even then I don’t really put to much details in case I lose it or someone that is noisy (which are several) people find it and look through it.

One thing my parents taught me is if I have a problem with someone then I do two things.. Don’t talk to them or say what I have to say in front of their faces and be done with it.

So if you are any of those persons please don’t think so highly of yourselves. I am not on here to put any one on blast or whine and complain about my drama that I have. This is a platform that I am hoping to build if one day I actually get my books published.

My intimate DRAMA life issues will stay INTIMATE… I have no need nor do I need to let the world know what I am going through…

This is hopefully the first and last post I put on here regarding this subject.

I do apologize to my readers and I hope this post does not put any you off on unfollowing me..

Until Next Time,

Abbreviation should be limited! (Rant)

Okay this is more of a rant then anything else so I apologize to the readers that follow me. This is not my normal but hey who said this blog or me are normal.

First off I understand that this is a new generation, more writing is done through our IPhone’s, IPad, etc. I’m okay with that. I’m okay with the short version of LOL or OMG (laughing out loud or Oh My God), type of expression that I put on a text or blog occasionally. I’m even okay on putting USMC (United States Marine Corps), DOD (Department of Defense), you get the gist. I’m even okay when you are taking down notes and need to write things down quickly and you don’t know the art of short hand.

For example:
Sub. wnt dwnstrs and prceeded to stab vic. ft. prints otlne by the vics bld shows a pattern sub tk. Sub has ble eyes, blnd hair and is wht.

Subject went downstairs and proceeded to stab victim. Foot prints outline by the victims blood shows a pattern of the subject took. Subject has blue eyes, blonde hair and is white.

In those instances I am okay with short abbreviation of words, we do it in the military too. I’m sure in a lot of profession’s you have abbreviation of words to make your life easier. I understand that kids or people my age 32 (not old but not stupid young either), use this form of writing in a social (phone or chatting) settings.

What I don’t agree with this form of writing is when I am reading a blog post that I’m really interested in reading. I do have on occasion LOL’s, OMG, SMLH’s etc. on my post. When you have those abbreviations on almost every SINGLE sentence, your KILLING ME HERE! I know that my grammar, punctuation and spelling needs a lot of work. I am doing my best to make sure that with every post, twitter, facebook and google+ update that I write has a well written constructed thought. Yes I might put a few lol or maybe even OMG occasionally, I don’t make it a habit and I don’t use abbreviation’s as if they were down right appropriate words ( I know I am said this already but can you blame me?).

I know I’m old fashion and I am doing my best to get into the “now” scene of writing but there a a few things in my life that I like to stay old school. Especially when it is reading or writing, This is one of the oldest form of communication and art that it’s frustrating seeing people getting away from it.

I am not an editor, I am not a teacher, but I am a person that enjoys a good post or feed especially when I can understand it. Lets not lose the one thing that us as humans have had for thousands (if not more) of years. Lets keep the art of good grammar like it should be, plain, simple and non-abbreviated!

Rant finished

Until next time,