Finally my reading is Done!

So basically, I have been reading all of my readers post… To me literally 3 hours!! I’m done now!! Wow!

I didn’t realized that I had signed up to that many.. If course I read mostly all of them. I tried commenting on most also..

Well all I can say is I truly enjoy the post I read! Some are funny, inspirational, creepy, informative and all in between!

I have to make sure I keep coming in here more often! Today hopefully I’ll be going to the Apple Store to see if they can fix my iPad Mini.. This iPhone is irritating me! A little screen is really hard to read and type! I know that a lot of people are used to it but I can’t! I have thick thumbs so most of the time I am picking the wrong letters!!

Well hopefully next time I post on here will be with my fixed IPad Mini!

Until Next Time,

On the Hunt for New Blogs to Read

I know that I have been taking breaks on WP. Maybe it’s because of the Holidays… I have noticed that the blogs I am subscribed too don’t post anything up very frequently.

I do hope that they are still able too because I truly miss their writing. Some have express that they will not be posting as usual, others have not said anything… I guess this new year has changes for everyone.

Now that I don’t have as many post to read I am looking for new blogs that interest me… We all need a change at some point right? I will never walk away from the blogs I have now but I am looking forward to the blogs I will start following.

I might not be reading a lot of books now but I sure am reading a lot of blogs. I can’t wait… I guess I should cut this post off short and get to pushing that subscribe button.

If any of you have any blog suggestions please put their link below. I am interested in all type of blogs…

Let the hunt begin!!

Until Next Time,

Call of the Herald (Godsland Series Book 1) – My Review

Book Read Call of the Herald (Godsland Series Book 1)
Written By: Rathbone, Brian
Device read on:Amazon (E-book)


I can say this book kept me up ALL night last night. Yes that is how much I loved it! I remember I bought this book for free on amazon kindle a few years back. Yes I am that bad at reading books now! I used to just want to go and delete it but something told me just to keep it.

My thoughts on the book:If you like civil unrest, mystical powers, a heroine that is constantly doubting herself but when push come to shoves she can kick ass! Then this is a book you will like. Her companions even though stunned and worried about their own families follow her blindly, not only because they have known each other since childhood but because something in them “urges” them to stay with her. Through out the story she “learns” by herself on how to wield her raw power, all the while trying to evade soldiers that are trying to capture them.

Other information about the book:
-This book is part of a Trilogy called The Dawning of Power Trilogy
– It also goes along with his second trilogy The Balance of Power Trilogy

I just started on the second book which also was free.. Again I got this book through amazon a couple of years back, Click here, if you want to get the book. Looking at the link it is still free for kindle for others I believe it is .99. Still not a bad deal.

For some of the author’s bio click Here.

Hopefully this little novice review can persuade some of you if only just a little bit to go check it out.

HA I just a free advertising lol.. Well at least you all know if I like the books I’ll give out as much details as I can.

Until Next Time,

Kindle, iTunes or paperback…. That is my dilemma!

I have always loved reading books, hence I was always called a bookworm. I know I have post something similar a couple weeks if not months ago. This isn’t about the books I read or who inspired me to read them.

This is more on how technology and my living space has made me adapt as to how I read my books. Of course The last time I have read a paperback book was about 6 or 8 months ago. Yes I don’t rad as much as I would like anymore.

I know I say that I love being a homemaker and it is true; its just that I haven’t yet found a good routine. With the exception of writing. It seems that I am writing a bit more often then reading.

Okay going off of topic, sorry… Any who.. Having my husbands “must” have books plus the ones that are my “must” haves we have a nice collection. We had to give a lot (and I mean A LOT) of books to the library. It took us so long to decide that now I noticed that we have most on our small book shelf. Of course we still have a whole box full of other books.

I am wanting to buy more books especially the J.D. Robb series. I LOVE HER BOOKS! Again I wrote about this author on a previous post… Any who… I am wanting to buy more books since my daily “routine” is becoming a bit more manageable for me. Unfortunately we do not have the space to buy the paperback books that I love. There is no greater feeling than to feel the book in your hands.

Now I have to decide… do I buy the books electronically and if I do under which app… Meaning the Kindle or ITunes. Yes I love my iPad mini and it works wonders when I need it.

The only thing is that is wifi so it will only update when I’m in a wifi connection. I don’t use my iPhone for reading and try my best to not write with my iPhone since it is very difficult for me.

Any who, now I’m at a stand still…. Kindle, iTunes or paperback (but not a lot of room of storage). Well I guess I do have the library but when you like a certain book you want to re-read it over and over again…

Until Next Time,

Wifi! Oh how I have missed you!

Finally some wifi!!

Yes talking to the hotel they stated that because they had so many guest last week that’s why I couldn’t get in. Now it shouldn’t be a problem. I hope not cause I need to read and write!!

I believe this morning I finally caught up with all of my reading. Now I just need to catch up in writing.

Writing a post in my iPhone is a challenge. It’s worth it though! I can go back to the writing / reading world! I missed it soo much! I never thought that I would miss WP like I did this past week.

At least now I know that I need to keep writing! Well this post is short just lee
Trying you all know that if the wifi keeps up I’ll keep posting at least once a week as I was trying to do or more.

Until Next Time,

Lucky to have you – Poetry

True friends take care of your feelings. they want you to succeed and will give you a hand when you have fallen. They will speak the truth and tell you when you are wrong, make you laugh and have you forget the troubles you have.

True friends are are hard to come by, they are one in a million. When you have them you never want to let them go, you cherish them and care for them.

True friends will always be in your heart and mind, when you least expect it. They are the ones that even at your worst will stand at your side.

True friends are what I have, even if they are a few I am lucky to have you two.

Written in 2009 / revised in 2014

Until Next Time,


I’m Back!!

Hello again!

Thank you for being patient with me, I am cutting my “writing silence” a day short because I have the need to write. Of course does my writing going to make sense…. mmmm.. hopefully lol.

Our family member came out of surgery well. Alhamdulilah, it seems that she will be recovering well. We did not go to them as planned since it was their wish that we wouldn’t go. I can say it was one the longest and frustrating day that I have had.

Now I don’t know if its because I was worried about the surgery or worried about hubby since he tends not to show ANY emotion really worries me. Talking to him about it we got into a little umm… how can you say insignificant fight. We worked through it though and we both have agreed to respect each other and to come to each other when needed.

Well saying all of that I started having stomach pains that night. They were so bad that I though I might have to go to urgent care. Thankfully talking to my mommy (yes I still say mommy), she suggested a house remedy for me. It has been working but it isn’t taking the pain away. It has been giving me some relief, but I don’t know what to do. I hate going to doctors so I am at a loss.

This Labor Day we will be going to visit hubbies family and of course visiting his family member that had surgery. So I will do my best to post something on here before I leave and while I am out.

Can I say I did try to keep up on my reading with everyone that posted something on their blogs. Of course just because I do not comment or like does not mean I do not read them… Let me tell you it was a lot of post! lol. I like reading so it wasn’t that big of a deal.

Until Next Time,

My favorite authors

Everyone always talks about their favorite authors…. I haven’t really thought about it nor have I written about it… I guess it’s about time that I do.

When I was younger (and to this day) I have authors that I love reading their books. I might not be a fan where I know their life story or I buy or read every book religiously. I do though like to sit down and read them everytime I get the chance. So here are the authors that I absolute will read or buy without a second thought.

Stephan King
V.C. Andrews
Daniel Steel
Nora Roberts

a few but they are very dear to me.

As an adult I have gain a few more authors:

Elizabeth Peters (thanks to hubby)
Nora Roberts writing as J.D. Robb ( a Marine buddy of mine recommended this one)

Authors that I like but and I am researching more books about them are:

E.L. James (yes, fifty shades of Grey books, thanks to hubby)
Marie Claremont ( thanks to my Mother-in-Law)

Well these are a few authors that i can say I love and am starting to love… I know I am everywhere on the type of books I am reading but just like my life I Love variety! lol..

What are your favorite authors? Are they childhood favorites or adult favorites. Who inspired you to read them?

Until Next Time,

Abbreviation should be limited! (Rant)

Okay this is more of a rant then anything else so I apologize to the readers that follow me. This is not my normal but hey who said this blog or me are normal.

First off I understand that this is a new generation, more writing is done through our IPhone’s, IPad, etc. I’m okay with that. I’m okay with the short version of LOL or OMG (laughing out loud or Oh My God), type of expression that I put on a text or blog occasionally. I’m even okay on putting USMC (United States Marine Corps), DOD (Department of Defense), you get the gist. I’m even okay when you are taking down notes and need to write things down quickly and you don’t know the art of short hand.

For example:
Sub. wnt dwnstrs and prceeded to stab vic. ft. prints otlne by the vics bld shows a pattern sub tk. Sub has ble eyes, blnd hair and is wht.

Subject went downstairs and proceeded to stab victim. Foot prints outline by the victims blood shows a pattern of the subject took. Subject has blue eyes, blonde hair and is white.

In those instances I am okay with short abbreviation of words, we do it in the military too. I’m sure in a lot of profession’s you have abbreviation of words to make your life easier. I understand that kids or people my age 32 (not old but not stupid young either), use this form of writing in a social (phone or chatting) settings.

What I don’t agree with this form of writing is when I am reading a blog post that I’m really interested in reading. I do have on occasion LOL’s, OMG, SMLH’s etc. on my post. When you have those abbreviations on almost every SINGLE sentence, your KILLING ME HERE! I know that my grammar, punctuation and spelling needs a lot of work. I am doing my best to make sure that with every post, twitter, facebook and google+ update that I write has a well written constructed thought. Yes I might put a few lol or maybe even OMG occasionally, I don’t make it a habit and I don’t use abbreviation’s as if they were down right appropriate words ( I know I am said this already but can you blame me?).

I know I’m old fashion and I am doing my best to get into the “now” scene of writing but there a a few things in my life that I like to stay old school. Especially when it is reading or writing, This is one of the oldest form of communication and art that it’s frustrating seeing people getting away from it.

I am not an editor, I am not a teacher, but I am a person that enjoys a good post or feed especially when I can understand it. Lets not lose the one thing that us as humans have had for thousands (if not more) of years. Lets keep the art of good grammar like it should be, plain, simple and non-abbreviated!

Rant finished

Until next time,