Our Dreams after Debt

I can say that right now my husband and I are ending the year with a bang!

For our short five years of marriage we have been dealing with debt. When we did manage to save a bit it seemed that a wedding came up or some type of emergency that we had to use it. We didn’t mind but for five years we have not gone out as much as we both would like.

We have so many dreams of traveling that unfortunately they have had to be put in the back burner. Now that we basically have about one year left into our debt it seems that we have started to truly save and have a little bit of extra cash.

Thankfully right now we have been traveling because of hubbies job, and last weekend we were able to travel to Vegas because of his best friend. We only stayed there one day then came back here for the weekend but that one day was great and amazing! We didn’t leave Vegas until after 1 am.

Now we both want to experience the traveling before we have a baby. Yes we are still going forward on having a baby but it is slow… Maybe we can get a couple of trips in before we get the little one. Then we will be going to family trips instead of couple trips lol..

Yes I’m sorry this post is a bit more about my life and dreams, I’ve been thinking about it more and more and I think it is time for us to treat ourselves with all of the hard work we have been putting in.

Until Next Time,