Asking for prayers..

Here I am awake just like an owl! Of course thoughts slipping in and out of my head I think thats the culprit tonight.

So instead of trying to think I put my mind into trying to figure out how to make my blog to look a little bit more appetizing to some ( I might need to get a midnight snack lol ) I’m going to try this look for a little bit, I’m still not happy with it but hey thats why I can play around right?

I usually don’t like using a public forum to speak out about personal (very personal) issues. It’s something that I just really don’t like doing.. Having no outlet this time I tired it out… It did help me in a lot of ways and of course my amazing husband helped for the remainder of the day once he came home.

Thank you for “listening” to me. I really appreciate it a lot.

Just giving you all a heads up ( I know I’m not really good at doing that ) I will most likely not be writing or reading anything on WP starting thursday… I have a family issue ( I know I have a lot of them ) and I need to be there to support my husband as much as he is there for me.

I do ask for prayers for my husband’s family member since this is going to be a surgery that will be long and very sensitive..

Again thank you for all of your continued support and I hope to be back next week with new chapters for you all.

Until Next Time,