Thank You Once again!

As you can see I am back! Yes I was gone for a few days, I wasn’t feeling myself. Now I am feeling better.

I’m trying to do more creative writing then anything else write now. I am flowing and I don’t want it to stop! It’s hard when I stop for a few days but it seems that my creative side is coming back.

I do want to apologize for all of the old poems I am putting on here. Basically these poems were done in middle/high school days. Of course they are not in the original form. I have edited some a bit… I hope that they make sense lol..

I know I am not writing a little background on them, the reason is because I am slowly realizing it doesn’t matter as to why I wrote it. What matters is what you my readers feel when you see the words that I created.

I hope in some way you can all relate or at least connect with some of these pieces.. In the end all of us has gone through some type of pain, loss, happiness, etc… My reasons or emotions when creating the piece is not important. What is, is what my readers feel..

Thank you again for following me and I hope to keep on brining you pieces and thoughts that you like, love or hate lol…

Please, if you see something don’t hesitate to comment. Criticism is always welcomed.

Until Next Time,

Thank you!!

I just wanted to tell all of my followers THANK YOU! I know I have said it before but to sign on here and see that I have new followers makes me all tingly inside. 😉

I can’t believe I have made it to 100 followers!

I am so humbled that people out in the digital world are willingly to take time to read my blog. I know I don’t have the best grammar, punctuation and all and it could be challenging to read. Still you all stick along with me.

I do hope that I am doing better.. Not only in bringing you all various types of topics that you like to read, but that my writing ( as mentioned above ) is getting better. I am trying my best to proofread my work before publishing so hopefully that has been helpful.

I know this is a short and sweet post but I just wanted to say to you all my old and new followers thank you for letting my humbled blog into your digital word.

Until Next Time,