A bit late Sorry…

Yes I said it. I am Muslim and I said Happy Thanksgiving, why because this is the time when our history states that the Indians came and share the table with the pilgrims. It was a day to be thank ful for being in a foreign land and being received with welcoming arms by people that didn’t now have any inclination to hate these newcomers.

Yes I said it. I am Muslim and I am an American Citizen, it is my right to celebrate my countries history. Even though it is conflicting and what happen afterwards I doubt that was the original plan of the pilgrims. 

So yes if you celebrate Thanksgiving then please accept my humble most heartfelt congratulations. I hope that you are celebrating this day with family or loved ones that accept you and love you for who you are. 
May Allah (SWT) bless you and your loved was with love and harmony.
From my heart to your home,