A Little Update

Sorry I have not uploaded something new.. I have been cooking and trying to do my writing projects. I have two sample writings that are due next week.

Wish me luck! Insha’Allah if I do well then I will keep writing for these organizations. Also have an interview for one and the other I have to email back to make another interview..

I hope I didn’t sign up for too much. I was just so excited…

Hopefully I will post something new this weekend.

Until Next Time,

I Got Responses!

I am doing my happy dance! Remember a few days ago I said I signed up for virtual writing volunteer work… Well the same day I got responses and they have been very promising!

I have my first article that is due next week so I have to do research on that. I’m so scared! Wish me luck.

Another one (translating into English) told me they will send me a sample article to translate as soon as they have one. So I’m happy for that! I hope I get that one soon.

Another one I have to do some online testing and a short interview. I need the library or hubbies laptop for that so I hope I will be able to do that.

Then I got two more today with a positive response! One in animal rights and the other in the financial world (which is what I used to do).

I know I wont be able to do all of them so I have to really focus on the ones I want to really do. I know I will have to reply to them today or tomorrow the latest in order for them to know I wont be able to do it.

I love this! I get to help people without having to drive anywhere (since we only have one and hubby uses it most of the time). At the same time I get to do what I love and that is WRITE! Who knows this could be the beginning of a new career for me.

Regardless I hope my articles get publish by the organizations and will help someone out there that needs it. Wish me luck!

If I don’t write on here you know why. I am about to start doing research on the article that I just got.

Until Next Time,