Struggling Author!!

I have not posted any more updates on my Shadow Voices because frankly I have been having serious writers block. I have made a point of wanting to complete it by the end of this month and I am totally stuck!! I have been writing through Eric’s point of view but I am getting stuck. I’m not sure where to go from there. I have so far two chapters of his view and I totally don’t know if it is sync. I have other stories that I am itching to start and write but I can say that I really don’t know where I am going with it.

I started writing this story about two years ago. Unfortunately I have not been able to complete it. Its not because I don’t want to but life throws things at you that sometimes you have to stop doing it. A couple of weeks ago I had said that I was stumped again, I didn’t know how to keep the story going. Now I’m stumped again. I think maybe is time to review it and cut it off. I might come back to it eventually but as of right now I think it has given me all of its life force that it could. I could never force my writing.

I know that there is suggestions out there that say you need to write everyday. Even though I try my best I still can’t find that time to do it. Looking back this whole week I had so much time to write that I chose not too. I just chose to watch tv and just vegg out once all of my house and cooking chores where done. Today I got up and the first thing I started doing was to write here. I can’t seem to get into my childhood routine of writing and that scares me. I have so many ideas that I want to put down on paper but I don’t know why they just don’t want to come out anymore. The only thing I can do is keep trying.

Now its time to finish this post and just start working on Shadow Voices. Wish me luck, hopefully I will come back and give you a snippet of the ending or another chapter.