Your Next

Close your eyes
Feel my breath
Close your eyes
Feel my hands

Open your ears
Do you hear the gasping
Open your ears
Do you hear the clanging
Of metal

Feel and hear
All those around you
Feel and hear
The things I’ll do to you

Your flesh is mine
Your emotions are mine
I rule your body

I make it shiver
I make it tense
I make bend it to my will

Close your eyes
Open your ears
Your next


In the darkness
I can see your outline
Walking towards me
Swinging something
In you hands

In the darkness
You come closer
Hisses coming from your shadowed mouth

In the darkness
You reach for my throat
You strangle me
You lick my face with your forked

Your stench of decay
Beckons me to you
I swoon in your scaly arms

Darkness all around me
Darkness filling in me
Darkness in my heart

Your the only darkness
That I can never get rid of

To A New Year of Writing

Here I am again and I want to say. Thank you to everyone that supported me. The ladies that gave me beautiful advice and to my husband. I love writing, I might not be an expert at it, I don’t have any educational background on it (unless you count grade school).

This is where I belong and I truly believe this is where I can be my true self. I don’t hide behind screens, I never did that and never will. I do though love expressing myself in words. I have a knack to express my thoughts more clearly in writing then when I try verbally.

I can’t hide in the closet forever. I can’t worry how other people might take my words, or how they will use them. My husband doesn’t read my blog but I do sometimes read him a few post. Does it mean I will be having him more involve… NO. Why? Because this is my blog, this is my “alone time.” He understands that so why should I stop.

So yes dear followers, I will continue this blog. I will still write to my hearts content. I can’t be afraid anymore and I’m done being afraid. I love writing and it seems that writing loves me. I will not lose my passion again.

So I bid you all a good night and I look forward to filling up my blog with more words that come within my heart, mind and soul.

Until Next Time,


My Words

This is my world                                                                                                                               This is my mind                                                                                                                             These are my words

How dare you                                                                                                                                   How could you                                                                                                                                 Why would you                                                                                                                                  Try to take them from me

My life

My emotions

My thoughts

stay away from them

You will never understand

You will never get it

Why, you ask

Because you have no heart

I’m selfish

You give me flowers
You give me sweets
You’ll give me the moon
If you could

Your touch caresses me
Your lips worship me
Your hands guide my body

I have your heart
I have your life
I have your complete

What more can I ask for
But for loyalty
A loyalty that can never be broken

You love me
You give me everything
But my selfish hearts

Just wants more

Writing dilemma, Thank You

So I am still only writing on my iPhone. I think that I’m getting a bit better at not messing up the writing..

I truly miss my iPad.. I need to get the car from hubby and go to the Apple Store, to see if they can fix it.

I haven’t posted as much because well I hate writing on the iPhone, but I can’t stop either.. I want my flow to continue..

I also want to thank all of you that follow me and for my new followers. I know that I am basically writing a mixture of my life, creative writing and all other topics. I guess my blog is becoming more of who I am then what I had originally intended.

I hope this will keep you all interested to keep reading. Thank you for the likes and few comments that I have received. They are greatly appreciated and welcomed!!

Until Next Time,

The Beast

There’s the rustle
A couple of leaves moved
Is that an eye I see

In the distance
Low in the bush
Something is moving back and forth
Is that a low growl

In an instant it jumps
It runs at lighting speed
Muscles taught
The tail upright to its balance

Giving chase
An dance passed down
Predator and prey
The earth holds her breath

In the end
The predator claims its prize
In darkness or in light
This beast roams the jungle

A beast that all fear
A beast that all respect
A beast that claims his land
The killer cat

Little corner

Sitting here in my corner
I watch as everyone goes by
I see a familiar face
I pause and think
Should I wave

Here in my tidy corner
See life fly by
I see the smiling faces
I want to have one
On mine

My little cramp corner
Standing still in time
I don’t have the courage
I don’t have the strength

What a hassle my little corner
How you have wronged me
And success

Scared to leave my little corner