My roller coaster month

Okay so I have been gone for a while, about a month now.. Sorry about that, I just have been really busy.

First off I want to say CONGRATULATIONS to my Husband. He got a job off within his company and well we accepted!! Now we are moving BACK to Los Angeles. Yes you read that right we are going back go LA!! I’m so excited and nervous. We will be living in a part of LA that we both don’t know so this will be a great adventure. So this week I have been busy packing our car with all of our clothes. Thank fully his family is letting us keep most of our other things here until we find a place. We have one week starting next week to find a place!! I just hope we will be able to, in the meantime we will be staying at my parents house, but we can’t stay there that long.

Well for one that is part of whats going on, the second is that my hubbies mother got sick and was in the hospital. She is coming home tonight and the doctor says she is better. They will be doing more follow up’s for her in order to make sure that she is 100 percent better. Insha’Allah she will be, at least now we can leave with ease knowing she is home and better. Right now we are just waiting for her to come home tonight. I even prepared her a plate of fruit since she loves eating fruit.

The last thing is that because of the move and all I have not been editing my story. That means I did not meet my goal of finishing the first edit for the month of January. I am actually getting itchy fingers because I want to keep editing but I have to keep focus on packing and helping hubby keep calm himself.

So basically my life this month has been a roller coaster for me, some good and bad news but overall Allah SWT gives us what we can handle.

Until Next Time,

L. K.

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