I “Mustache” You Tag!

I got tagged again! Thank you My Spanglish Familia for this tag questionnaire. I would use the link button to put your website on here but for some reason it isn’t working! So here is her website address, if you don’t follow already you should!  https://myspanglishfamilia.wordpress.com/

Now you will know a bit more about me.. I believe this is the second time I was tagged. The first one was about books a LONG time ago. Sorry if I have repeats, I guess that just tells you the type of person I am lol.

So here they are:

Four names people call me other than my real name?

1. My Reina

2. Mamie

3. Kid

4. J

Four jobs I’ve had?

1. Marine

2. Army

3. Budget Analyst

4. Homemaker

Four movies I would watch Or have watched more than once?

1. Marley and Me

2. Interview with the Vampire

3. Ghost

4. Sandlot

Four Books I’d Recommend?

1. Quran

2. J.D Robb, The Death Series

3. V.C. Andrews, All The bookd!!

4. Stephen King, The Shining (all books too though!)

Four places I have lived?

1. Los Angeles, Ca

2. Jacksonville, NC

3. Columbus, GA (ft. Benning for you military people)

4. Long Beach, Ca

Four places I have been?

1. Guatemala City, Guatemala

2. Tijuana, Mexico

3. Seoul, Republic of South Korea

4. Kuwait

Four places I’d rather be right now?

1. My bed

2. Alaska

3. Japan

4. Europe (all over! yes I’m greedy!)

Four things I don’t eat?

1. Pork (religious rule)

2. anything that is not forbidden ( I have tried MANY things before I reverted so this REALLY doesn’t apply to me lol )

Four TV shows you watch?

First I’ll like to say we don’t have cable. We are internet viewers, meaning we have a Roku and sign to Netflix, Amazon Prime etc..

1. American Horror Story

2. Ghost Adventurers

3. Alaska State Troopers

4. Haven

Four things I am looking forward this year?

1. Getting Pregnant Insha’Allah

2. Hubby getting a promotion Insha’Allah

3. My In-laws health get better Insha’Allah

4. My writing “career” kicks off Insha’Allah

Four things I keep saying

1. Insha’Allah

2. Bismillah

3. I can’t wait until you get home my Love

4. I Love You and Miss you my King

Okay the last rule is for me to tag….. Sorry but I’m okay with doing tags but most people that I am subscribe to do not do tags… So I won’t do the last one.

So if you would like to join please feel free to tag away!!

Until Next Time,


4 thoughts on “I “Mustache” You Tag!

  1. Awesome! Love it. I learned that you like the “thriller” genre. I used to read Stephen King but I’m afraid to get nightmares. Is Ghost Adventures fiction or non-fiction? Is it about ghost hunting in real life?

    Also, I want to say I think you’re very brave to have gone to Kuwait. You have a strong spirit 🙂


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ghost adventures is non-fiction, yes it is suppose to be real life… But you never know right lol.. Yes I do like the “thriller” genre the most… I don’t know why I just always did lol.. I’m glad you liked it 😉


  2. Oh my gosh, we have so much in common! I have also lived in Los Angeles, read V.C. Andrews books (Flowers in the Attic series especially), and enjoyed the movie Ghost. It was interesting to learn more about you!

    Liked by 1 person

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