The Joys of Life

I know I keep doing the dissapearing act then coming back… see I haven’t been well, the heat here in California has not been the coolest for me. I tend to have migraines and I know what triggers them. Heat is one of the and since our apartment does not have any a/c I have been in bed with ice and fans trying to keep my temperature done. Going to the doctors doesn’t help since we are in treatments… remember trying to be a mommy… so there are a lot of medications I cannot take or it will have a negative side effect… so I have been dealing with it the best I can.

I can say hubby is the best amazing husband ever!!! I mean he works all day at his demanding Jon comes home and makes sure I’m okay and then helps with the chores around the house. I swear I fell in love with the most amazing man, I’m extremely lucky to have a man like this in my life.

So we have also been doing a little bit of traveling, not as much but these upcoming months we will be doing more vacation type of travels!! Yes!! We are credit card debt free and we have been able to do this!!! I’m so proud of both of us, we both are working really hard. Now we only have the car note which is hardly anything…

This month I FINALLY started volunteering, I am a Reading Partner Volunteer. I basically go to a school once a week and for 45 minutes I tutor a child with their reading. It is really fun because you have that kid for the year or as long as your able to volunteer. So far I’m loving it.

Well I have been doing some writing I just need to post them up… so the upcoming days I hope you enjoy my pieces.

Until Next Time,

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