Anniversary Picture’s

So a few pictures from or anniversary vacation.

We went and walked around the Hoover Dam, we were so early that the tours and Museums were closed. We enjoyed our trip though.

After our trip to the Dam, we went had a boat tour that took us around black canyon and a different vew of the Hoover Dam.

Such beauty around us we were so overwhelmed by it. The heat had us going into our room for the hotest part of the day. Once it cooled off we enjoyed the outside courtyard and the palor that the resort had. Amazing service and the concierge helped us with our daily activities since we didn’t want to go to Las Vegas at all..

So here are a few pictures of our vaca, enjoy!!

Hoover Dam
The "mascot" of the Hoover Dam
We even saw a duck and bass fish when we were wiring for our boat tour to begin.
Hubby loves autos, so he saw these at the parking station and just had to take a picture.

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