Life full of paths and decisions

Okay so I still have not updated anything about Shadow Voices, please know that I am doing my best to get these chapters are updated. Without a laptop and feeling like crap I haven’t been able to walk over to the library and upload anything. I will try something new today to see if that will help. Hopefully it will. If not I promise that I have not forgotten.

As I said I haven’t been feeling good. Hubby and me have some plans for our future and well right now that has kept me a bit busy. Yesterday I finally got my sewing machine back.

I’m so excited about that because I have a lot of material that I need to get working on making my clothes. I have to go buy the thread so I’ll probably do that next payday. I’ve always wanted to learn how to sew and my dad being a 6th generation tailor taught my mom. She in turn taught us a little bit. So now I need to just get my patterns out and do it.

Walmart or Joann’s is the question in buying my supplies. Or if I should just go to the local swap meet and buy them there…. I really don’t feel like driving all the way down to downtown where the fabric stores are. The supplies might be cheap down there but the gas I will be using wouldn’t really make a difference. Well so I guess it will most likely be Joann’s. I really like them and Everytime I buy from Walmart things get ruined quickly.

Well thats all for today.

Until Next Time,

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