Soup Oh how I Have Missed You!

Okay so this is a weird tittle and a weird post all together lol. Just read a few sentences and you will see where I am going with this.

As you already know I am a Muslim, as a Muslim I follow certain rules that Allah (SWT) has ordained for us. One of them is eating what we mainstream USA Muslim’s like to say: Halal. All that means is that the meet we eat has to meet several requirements.

Some of them are the way the animal is raised ( no type of chemical enhancements or substituting their original feed). Also before the animal is slaughtered it is done in a very specific matter. There is a prayer that you do and you need to drain ALL the blood that can be drained.

That’s why most Halal meat stores are in a butcher type of style. The meat is a few days fresh. Yes it smells but hey thats an animal right. There are ways for you to prepare the meat before cooking or seasoning to take the smell and taste of it being fresh. Any of you that has eaten fresh and I mean 1 or 2 days fresh meat know what I’m talking about.

Okay now that I have said that comes the soup part. I’m Hispanic (if you didn’t know then please read my bio ), my mother cooked a lot of soup for us especially through out the summer. Yes eating soup in the summer not only makes you sweat but helps you keep cooler. Lets just say I LOVE eating soup and it really doesn’t matter what season we are in.

When I left home naturally I didn’t learn how to cook most of these foods ( I was spoiled ) so what I did to replace that was buy romen noodle soups! I love them!!

When I reverted to Islam I couldn’t really eat romen noodle soups ( at least the meat ones ) the oriental (yes that is that actual label writing ) ones sorry to say SUCKED! So I started to learn how to cook mom’s soup!

Well NOW my mother in law went for her Hajj (religious pilgrimage) two years ago. There they discovered soups in a packet!! They brought some home and when I tried them the were good!!

We tried hunting for them but couldn’t find them. Finally we found it on amazon, they had different types of halal soups but we stuck with the ones we were used to. Of course these are not cheap but most Muslim or Hindu (of course they wont carry this it has meat! ) stores don’t carry it. If they do it is in a single form and expensive! I know most halal products are more expensive then buying it at a non-halal store. That’s to be expected.

I really liked the fact that amazon had it in multiple types and for the amount they sell it is WAY cheaper then going to a halal store.

So when hubby and I moved away from our in-laws it took about 2 months until I ordered my soups. I can say that I love the fact that I can order online and in a few days it is here for my enjoyment! Hubby doesn’t eat them cause he doesn’t like soups, I gave my nephews a taste and they really liked it.

So yes I love my soups! I grew up with them being in my daily diet, I can’t stop it nor will I stop it! I love the fact that even though I follow Allah (SWT) Decree I can still have my little comfort chicken noodle soup!

What is your comfort food that you just can’t live with out? Have you learned how to cook it or have you found it in a place and buy it? Does it taste the same?

Until Next Time,

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