Finally some Rain!

After what seems like months (which I think it has lol) of no rain. Last night we got our first shower! I don’t know about any of you but I LOVE the smell when it first starts raining and the smell right afterwards.

To me that smell reminds me of the beach. I know I live just 10 minutes away but that smell doesn’t come all the way here.

For where we live having dry heat is not normal. I remember this city as a child and we always had a nice breeze going on. Lately though the heat has been scrorching hot! I have been so miserable! Especially not have A/C here and our apartment faces the sun ALL day!

Yesterday was extremely hot then the other days. Reaching up to 90 degrees. Yes for this area that is HOT! Thankfully walking at the malls courtyard there was a nice cool breeze. Coming home though we both were sweating bad!

Anyway’s lol I just love the fact that last night it was raining. When I woke up this morning and open the window and doors I saw all the pools of water. I smiled, finally California is getting some rain. Might not be enough to get us out of this drought but God willingly help the cities that have been evacuating because they have no water at all!

Thank you Allah (SWT) for giving us this small hope of rain showers. You bless us every day with small miracles that we take for granted. You show us mercy and grant us life when we see no end. If it is your will there will be more rain that you bless us with. Ameen

Until Next Time,

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