My Return to WordPress

I been gone for awhile, I know when I have been on is to post versus from the Quran. I haven’t forgotten about my wordpress world and I hope that it has not forgetten about me. I have been going through a roller coaster of emotions, life changes, and an unexpected vacation.

I can say that I am trying to get into new projects. I have been slowly sewing some grocery bags and I will start drawing down some ideas for home decor. So far my sewing is of course of a beginner but with more practice I’m sure I will get better at it. I will post some pictures of the finished product on here and you all can let me know what you think of it.

I am also looking forward to our anniversary in October ( just two months away!!), this iwill be our first official home away celebration. We are only taking 4 days but its better then the previous years of not being able to go anywhere. So Insha’Allah nothing unexpected comes up and we are able to go. I will be posting a lot of pictures of the places we will go. 

I will start catching up on my wordpress reading soon. Please forgive me for being absent for so long, I’m back and will do my best to start being a bit more present on here. I also have felt like I lost my “safe haven” on here since the incident a few months back. Talking to hubby we told me I shouldn’t let anyone stop me from expressing myself. If people get offended or if the use my words to their advantage without truly understanding or really pay attention to my writing, then they shouldn’t effect my writing at all. I agree with him but actually doing it is entirely different.

Until Next Time,


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