My favorite authors

Everyone always talks about their favorite authors…. I haven’t really thought about it nor have I written about it… I guess it’s about time that I do.

When I was younger (and to this day) I have authors that I love reading their books. I might not be a fan where I know their life story or I buy or read every book religiously. I do though like to sit down and read them everytime I get the chance. So here are the authors that I absolute will read or buy without a second thought.

Stephan King
V.C. Andrews
Daniel Steel
Nora Roberts

a few but they are very dear to me.

As an adult I have gain a few more authors:

Elizabeth Peters (thanks to hubby)
Nora Roberts writing as J.D. Robb ( a Marine buddy of mine recommended this one)

Authors that I like but and I am researching more books about them are:

E.L. James (yes, fifty shades of Grey books, thanks to hubby)
Marie Claremont ( thanks to my Mother-in-Law)

Well these are a few authors that i can say I love and am starting to love… I know I am everywhere on the type of books I am reading but just like my life I Love variety! lol..

What are your favorite authors? Are they childhood favorites or adult favorites. Who inspired you to read them?

Until Next Time,

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