Veterans Day Celebration

Today is a day where I hope most of us reflect and have a moment of silence.

These men and women sacrifice not only their time away from their families, some gave their lives. Others served our country by supporting the men that went to the front lines. These men and women that wore a military uniform are a reflection of the people of the USA.

While all of us live in a “free” world, where we can bash the President, government and pretty much have the “right of free speech”, lets not forget that these men and women do not live in a “free” world. Their every actions and words made in public are scrutinized to the point that their careers could end, they can be court martialed and be dishonorably discharge..

These men and women are the example of having Honor, Courage and Dedication to serve with minimum benefits. They are constantly living in a low income wages and have no voice. When they complete their service the VA administration ignores their medical condition. Even though they might have “benefits” they have to fight for it. Some go without the proper care…

Why is it that we as a people just complain but fail to see that our men and women in uniform do not have a voice?

They defend us without question and give their lives for us. Who defends them?

Lets at least for one day (for the Americans that don’t appreciate our service members or really don’t care) give thanks to all the veterans and active duty personnel and say

THANk YOU… for your sacrifice, your Courage, your commitment and Honor that not many have.

Hopefully with this post and I’m sure many others will slowly bring a voice of remembrance to the ones that gave us our freedom.

Until Next Time,

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