Financial freedom is Almost here!

Today is a slow day on not as many post as I would like. By now I should have been on my fifth uploaded post. Today is my financial day, meaning I’m paying bills, going to the back to get what money we need for the pay period etc…

After close to three hours of crunching numbers and double checking them that they are correct. Moving budgets around in order to save and or have splurging money for this pay period I have a headache!

I swear it is so much easier taking care of a budget that is not your own! I mean on my last job I took care of 1.5 Million dollars. I have never lost a dime, overpaid or forgot to pay bill. I executed budgets on time and was able to justify within regulations as to why or how I spent certain money on certain accounts.

Now that I’m writing it… yeah isn’t easy either! But for me it seems fairly simple…. Now that for close to two years now I have been taking care of our budget. from a $30 K debt we have gone down to a 11,842K. Now I think that is a HUGE accomplishment especially since our bulk of debt used to be credit cards (they are nasty when you don’t know how to use them!) and medical bills (lets face it sometimes you can’t help it when you get sick or need medical supplies that the insurance don’t cover!).

Now the bulk of our debt is our Car payment, one credit card and the very I mean VERY low student loan my husband has. Today is a great day because I when I look at my budget tools that I use I am damn proud that I have been able to keep us on track and lower our debt.

Of course I know I have been bombarding you guys with this but lately I have been stressing over it..That’s how I aways got at the end of every fiscal year when I worked.

One thing I can say is that I loved my job. It was hard and in the 12 years that I worked with money there were mistakes. Those mistakes made me better at my job and now with that knowledge and experience I have used it for 3 years to get my husband and I back on track. Insha’Allah by the beginning of next year we will be debt free with the only exception of Zakat (religious payment) and the car. Everything else that comes will be EXTREMELY easy Insha’Allah.

Okay hopefully I don’t bore you guys more with this topic for weeks to come lol.. Maybe I just needed to write it down to get it out of my system… Now lets get back to what we were all here for…

Creative Writing!!

Until Next Time,

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