Got my IPad Mini Fixed!!

Hah! I’m so happy! Doing my happy dance!

Today hubby and I went to the Apple Store to see if they were able to fix my Ipad Mini. Well, we both forgot that we spend the extra charge on the protection plan ( I don’t remember if it is called that way).

When the Apple Rep told us how we felt of just trading my old Ipad Mini for a new one without no charge, we both looked at him and asked “whats the catch”. Let’s face it NOTHING is for free.

That is when he told us that we still had the protection plan, so basically before going through all the trouble of trying to fix it I could just change for a new one!

Since my Ipad Mini had a crack across the screen we said sure! I got soo happy!

So now Yes, this is the first post that is being published by my new beautiful Ipad Mini!!

Next product we are purchasing (which hopefully is my Mac Air!!), we will definitely be buying it with the protection plan too!!

So now I can read and write with out the small screen!!

Thank you my King! You spoil me so much!!

Until Next Time,

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