My Writing Struggle

I swear I give kudos and envy all of you that are able to hhave such a busy life and still be able to come on here everyday. I know as OM says, if you want it you basically will push yourself and do it.. 

Not that I don’t want it I just haven’t gotten to the point of being able to make that “time.” When I think that I have my routine life throws a curve ball and there I go with a hectic weeks, months and something falls threw the cracks.

This upsets me because I love writing and I love communicating with the internet world. Naturally I am a “loner” always was. I’m a person that never had that many friends and in a large social gathering I was the one person that was in the cornor trying to make myself invisible.

This is something that a few of my friends have been able to break the barrier… In the Marine Corps I had a very few people that I assiociated with, in the Army my “crowd” got even smaller. As I got out of the military… well lets just say that the few friends I do have are in other states and we aren’t in communication everyday. We call or text once in awhile and that is good enough for us.

Saying this I have always had trouble befriending people and getting out of my “shell”, I guess that’s why I do push myself to write on here and even though it is not as most bloggers for me it is for now enough.

Thank you for understanding and giving me support on my blog, I wish I could say that I will be on here everyday trying to get my numbers up. I won’t but I can promise you all that I will do my best to not have long silences on here again. 

Until Next Time,


4 thoughts on “My Writing Struggle

  1. I can relate to the “loner” thing. It’s amazing how short interactions with other bloggers can give us loners a big boost to the self-esteem.

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